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Sunday, December 5, 2010

shortwave logs 05/12/10

4026-7.30 Laser Hot Hits playing Quaterflash. good signal sinpo 44344

6200-7.35 Radio Orang Utan playing Instrumental Music And giving out SMS Details. good signal sinpo 43444

6287-7.45 Radio Shadow playing Manfred Mann's Earthband"blinded by the light". fair to good signal sinpo 44333

6307-7.55 Unid With A weak signal, can just about hear some music, sinpo 32122

6420-8.00 Unid playing Country Music. fair Signal, with some deep fades. sinpo 43223

6375-8.25 Radio Pluto playing Kate Bush"wuthering heights" fair signal, with the occasional utillty Qrm. sinpo 42333. Also heard on 6385@10.10 Asking for a qso sinpo 43433

6325-8.35 Radio Altrex playing Rock Music. fair signal sinpo 43233. also heard@11.40 playing Maria Vidal"body rock". sinpo 44333

5820-8.50 Orion Radio playing The Kelly Family"David's song". good signal sinpo 44444

6201-9.10 Tower Radio playing Dutch Music, strong signal sinpo 54444

6175-9.15 Radio Boderhunter playing Deep Purple And Elo. strong signal and good audio sinpo 54444

6311-9.25 Radio Bonofox playing Polka Music. sinpo 33233

6240-9.30 Time Radio playing Instrumental Music, good signal sinpo 44444

6400-9.40 Radio Universe playing Deep Purple. fair signal, but slight co-channel whistle. sinpo 42333

6953-9.45 Radio Jan Van Gent with a relay of Holland Fm. playing Dutch Music. fair signal sinpo 43343

6373-9.52 Magic Am playing The Bee Gees And M. Good signal sinpo 43444

6210-10.00 Laser Hot Hits Mike Andrews playing Barry White. good signal sinpo 44344

6305-10.10 Radio Marconi playing Polka Music. strong signal sinpo 54444. also heard on 6300@10.30 playing Dutch Music. sinpo 54444

6315-10.15 Radio Sallandse Boer playing Instrumental Music And Talking sinpo 43343

6400-10.35 Radio Scotland International with a Qso strong signal, but some co-channel whistle sinpo 53444. Followed by Sallandse Boer with a qso@10.40 sinpo 42333 and  Voice Of The Netherlands sinpo 54444

6215-11.00 Unid playing Pop Music. weak signal sinpo 32122.

6305-11.10 Unid playing Van Halen. strong signal sinpo 54444. off a few minutes later

6400-11.55 Radio Marconi playing the song"my friend the wind" strong signal sinpo 54444

6265-12.10 Radio Supersound playing some live Music from Golden Earring And Credence Clearwater Rivial. also Yes And David Bowie. good signal sinpo 44344

6306-12.50 Radio Saturnus playiing Joen Jett And The Blackhearts. Said he was closing down. fair signal sinpo 44333

6285-12.58 Radio Powerliner playing Cream. good signal,but strong Co-channel Qrm from legal station which came on@13.00 sinpo 42443

6392-14.05 Central Radio International playing Rock Music. good signal sinpo 43444

6300-14.20 Tower Radio playing Dutch Music. And giving out contact details. Strong signal sinpo 54444

6382-14.30 Sonic Radio playng Rock And Pop Music. good signal sinpo 44444

 6385-15.00 Polaris Radio playing The Corrs And The Clash. fair signal, with some fading sinpo 43323

6400-15.12 Unid playing The Oasis And The Ivy League. strong signal sinpo 54444. no id heard

6301-15.22 Radio Mustang playing Dance Music.good signal sinpo 43444

6305-15.40 Unid playing Polka Music. weak to fair signal sinpo 33223

3930-20.10 Radio Rainbow International playing Madness And reading out reception reports. weak signal sinpo 33222

4026-20.32 Laser Hot Hits playing Steve Harley"Judy teen". Fair signal, with some fading sinpo 43433

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