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Sunday, December 12, 2010

shortwave logs 12/12/10

4026-7.05 Laser Hot Hits Lee Richards playing Heaven 17 And Queens Rush. good signal sinpo 44344

6287-7.45 Radio Shadow playing Sister Sledge. fair signal sinpo 42333

6280-7.55 Trans Europe Radio playing Shirley And Co. Also Carl Douglas And Los Bravos. fair Signal. with some Good peaks. sinpo 43434

6300-8.05 Old Time Radio(see comments) Playing Donna Summer"on your radio". Good signal, but slight Whistle from station on 6297. sinpo 43444

6915-8.22 Mike Radio playing Marillion And Simple Minds. strong signal sinpo 54444

6325-8.30 Misti Radio playing Dutch Music. weak signal sinpo 32322

6200-8.35 Unid playing Jean Michelle Jarre And Duffy.Fair signal, with some fading. sinpo 33323

5820-8.55 Orion Radio playing a Xmas Song from Elton John. good signal sinpo 44444

6210-9.07 Laser Hot Hits playing Jason Donavon. fair signal sinpo 43433

6165-9.32 Radio Scotland With A whistle song And giving out contact details. strong signal sinpo 54444

6310-9.47 Unid playing Bobby Goldsboro"honey". weak signal sinpo 32122

6401-10.00 FRS Holland With A repeat of last November's broadcast. playing Neil Young"keep on rockin in the free world". good signal sinpo 43444

6385-10.10 Radio Scotland playing Bronski Beat. usual strong signal sinpo 54444

6005-10.20 Atlantic Radio 2000 playing Elvis Presley. fair signal sinpo 43323

5820-10.31 Radio Saturnus playing Dutch Songs. Fair signal, with the occasional fade sinpo 43323

6425-10.35 Radio Scotland playing Gothic Rock Music. sinpo 54444

6300-10.40 Radio Caroline International playing The Eagles. Also Diana Ross and Lional Ritchie, fair signal sinpo 43233

6325-10.58 Unid playing The Beatles. weak signal and Fading sinpo 32212

6305-11.33 Unid playing The Stylistics. good signal sinpo 43444. off a few minutes later.

6305-11.38 Unid with a qso and Dutch Music. weak signal sinpo 32232. followed By another Unid station@11.45 with Qso And playing U2. sinpo 32122.

6200-11.55 Radio Borderhunter playing Dutch Music And Kim Wilde strong signal sinpo 54444. closed down@12.05

6375-12.10 Radio Rob playing Frankie Goes to Hollywood. fair signal. Also some fading. sinpo 44323

6960-12.50 Atlantic Radio playing Earth Wind And Fire. good signal sinpo 44344

6325-13.25 Radio Marconi playing Dutch Music. good signal sinpo 44344

6310-14.05 Und playing The Sweet And Qso. good signal sinpo 44344. Followed by many other Stations in Qso round-
UnId-14.35 playing Aneka And talking in dutch. sinpo 43233
Unid-14.40 talking in Dutch And Qso. sinpo 33233
Unid-14.44 Talking In Dutch. weak signal sinpo 22122
Radio Paardenkracht-14.48 playing Instrumental Music and Testing. sinpo 44344

6307-14.52 Unid playing Coldplay weak signal sinpo 33222

4026-21.40 Laser Hot Hits playing Fleetwood Mac"Oh Diana. fair signal and some fading sinpo 43323


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

many thanks for those log of us today,

Best wishes,
Radio Caroline International.

Rick said...

"6300-8.05 Old Timer Radio Playing Donna Summer"on your radio". Good signal, but slight Whistle from station on 6297. sinpo 43444"
That was Old Time Radio from Finland that is not same as Dutch station Oldtimer.

irish paul said...

Hi Rick many thanks for the correction,

73's paul

Rick said...

Hi Paul,
Here southwest Finland Old Time Radio signal was S9+30dB and I heard also Donna Summer "On your Radio" soon after 08.05UTC.