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Sunday, December 19, 2010

shortwave logs19/12/10

6217-7.36 Bluestar Radio playing Dutch Music. Also The Everley Brothers And Band Aid. good signal sinpo 44344. also Heard on 6175 sinpo 44344 and 6130 sinpo 44433

6200-7.55 Radio Orang Utan playing Polka Music. fair signal, but bad utility Qrm. sinpo 42333

4015-8.05 Laser Hot Hits playing City Boy"5705". good signal sinpo 44344

6326-8.18 Radio Pluto playing Bronski Beat And Cyndi Lauper. fair to good signal sinpo 44433

6382-8.30 Radio Dutchwing playing Christmas songs from Jona Lowa And The Ronettes. fair signal, with the occasional fade. sinpo 44323

5820-8.40 Orion Radio playing Band Aid And "Marys boy child". strong signal sinpo 54444

6265-9.20 Geromino Shortwave Dave Scott playing Genesis And giving Contact details. fair signal sinpo 44333

6280-9.30 Antonio Radio playing dutch Music. weak signal sinpo 32212

6295-9.40 Trans Europe Radio Playing The Assembly And giving out contact details. said he was closing down. sinpo 44334

6307-9.45 Radio Powerliner playing Band Aid And Frankie Goes To Hollywood. good signal sinpo 43444. also heard later on 6305 sinpo 43434

6300-9.53 Radio Devalon with the Free Radio Program. Reading out logs from 6/11/12. strong signal sinpo 55444

6401-10.00 Radio Waldmeister playing the Pretenders And Jona Lowa. fair signal sinpo 42333

6140-10.05 European Music Radio playing Canned Heat And Al Stewart. strong signal sinpo 54444

6375-10.16 Top Radio playing Christmas songs. fair signal sinpo 43333

6310-10.55 Marconi Radio playing"whole Lotta shaken". good signal sinpo 44444

6175-11.05 Delta Radio playing Polka Music Strong signal sinpo 54444

6120-11.10 Radio Scotland trying out different Frequency. Also playing The Beatles And Saying thank you for reception reports. strong signal sinpo 54444

6960-11.20 Atlantic Radio playing Jackson Browne. fair signal, with some fading sinpo 43323

6210-11.30 Laser hot Hits playing Reggae Music, Strong signal sinpo 54444

6275-11.40 Delta Radio playing Euro Pop Music And talking About snow. sinpo 44444

3905-11.50 Free Radio Network Dave Norris playing Take That And Erasure. fair signal, with some fading sinpo 33323

6266-12.30 Time Radio playing Polka Music. weak signal sinpo 33122

6373-12.40 Magic Am Playing Mud And Talking About snow falling in the Netherlands sinpo 42333

6400-12.50 Best Of British Radio playing Chris Rea And Mud.fair signal with some Fading sinpo 43323

6300-13.00 Unid playing Stars on 45 And Steely Dan. fair signal And some deep fades sinpo 33323

6285-13.22 Unid playing Dutch Music. bad choice off freq. as its hard to hear due to legal station on 6285 sinpo 31332

6295-13.40 Unid playing Polka Music.fair signal sinpo 44333

6425-13.50 Unid playing Rock Music. weak signal sinpo 32122

6548-14.35 Unid playing The Regents And Janis Ian. English speaking Dj. maybe Best Of British Radio? good signal, but faded out or off 5 minutes later. sinpo 44344

6305-14.50 Radio Marconi playing Journey. good Signal sinpo 44444. Id heard@15.03

6325-15.08 Radio Underground playing polka Music And Wings. weak signal, with some fair peaks. sinpo 32333

6376-15.20 Radio Powerliner(tent) playing Christmas Songs from Slade, Gloria Estefan, Johnny Mathis And Dana. fair signal sinpo 42333

3932-16.30 Radio Spaceman playing Instrumental Music. good signal sinpo 43444

3890-16.45 Radio Baken 16 playing Rock Music, Fair signal, but quite noisy. sinpo 43233

4015-21.05 Laser Hot Hits playing U2. fair signal, with some noise. sinpo 34233

3905-21.50 Radio Likedeeler playing Roy Orbison And Brenda Lee. Also Katrina And The Waves. fair signal sinpo 44333

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