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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

4015-8.10 Laser Hot Hits playing Status Quo"in the army now". good signal sinpo 44344

6200-8.40 Radio Orang Utan playing S Express. weak signal today and some utility beeps  sinpo 31222

6935-8.50 Mike Radio playing Boston And The Stranglers. good signal sinpo 44444

6310-9.00 Radio Pluto playing The Gibson Brothers And Visage. fair signal, and some noise sinpo 43233

6301-9.15 Misti Radio playing Little Richard. weak signal sinpo 33222

6325-9.30 Radio Merlin International playing Warren Zeavon. good signal sinpo 44344. moved to 6280@9.40 to avoid splatter from strong station on 6330 playing Kula Shaker sinpo 44344

6330-9.35 Radio Black Bandit playing Elton John. very strong signal sinpo 55444. moved to 6337. Heard@9.40 playing Abba. Very hard to hear due to strong utility Qrm sinpo 41432

6960-10.00 Atlantic Radio playing David Bowie And Thin Lizzy. strong signal sinpo 54444

6210-10.10 Laser Hot Hits playing The Saturdays And The Gap Band. good signal sinpo 43444

6345-11.00 Radio Black Bandit playing Polka Music.strong signal sinpo 54444

6280-11.30 Radio Merlin International still coming with a good signal, but fading now and again.Playing The Animals And Fleetwood Mac. sinpo 44434

3932-14.05 Radio Bogusman playing Hazel o' Conner. Signal not as good as usual and some noise. sinpo 33233

6260-14.20 Radio Malaisy playing Shalamar, Rick Astley And Men At Work. good signal sinpo 43444

6401-14.45 Unid playing Christmas songs from Wizard, Slade And Paul Mc Cartney. weak signal, with some fair peaks sinpo 32323

6305-16.20 radio Merlin International playing Barry White And Transvision Vamp. good signal sinpo 43444

6395-16.30 Unid playing Queen, Instrumental Music And Pussycat. good signal sinpo 43444

6210-17.20 Laser Hot Hits playing David Essex And Queen. Nice signal for this time of the day on 48 meters.sinpo 43343

6960-17.30 Atlantic Radio playing Dodgy. Fair signal sinpo 43333

1 comment:

irish paul said...

Many thanks to all the Free Radio Stations that came on last year.
I wish you all A Happy New Year.

73's Paul