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Sunday, January 9, 2011

shortwave logs 09/01/11

6912-7.40 Catus Jack Radio with a weak signal, can hear some music just above noise level sinpo 22122

6206-7.45 Radio Orang Utan playing Men at work and Bucks Fizz. fair to good signal sinpo 44433

6288-7.58 Radio Shadow playing Boney M, The Bangles and Crowded House, fair signal sinpo 44333

4015-8.10 Laser Hot Hits with Laser 558 Recordings. playing Micheal jackson and the pointer sisters, good signal sinpo 44344

6326-8.25 Sonic Radio playing Bob Marley songs"is this love" and "no woman no cry". good signal sinpo 44444

6935-8.40 Mike Radio playing Dance Music And talking about Atlantic Radio on 6960. good signal sinpo 43444

5820-8.50 Orion Radio playing Them and Promo for off shore echo's, good signal sinpo 44444

6210-9.15 Laser Hot Hits playing Electronic Music. strong signal sinpo 54444

6540-9.25 Radio Brigitte playing Dutch Music. weak signal sinpo 32322

6330-9.45 Radio Saturnus playing Rock Music. fair signal, but quite noisy sinpo 43233

6300-9.50 Top Radio playing John Paul Young"love is in the air". fair signal, but some usb qrm sinpo 42333

6240-10.05 Free Radio Victoria playing Elo and Whitesnake good signal sinpo 43444

6375-10.15 Radio Northpole playing Instrumental Music. fair signal and clear sinpo 44333

6280-10.20 Radio Merlin International Jackie frost playing chuck berry, bobby goldsboro and don mc clean. strong signal sinpo 54444 Also heard@14.18 playing Dead or Alive And Bill Withers. sinpo 54444.

6315-10.30 Unid playing Dutch and Country Music. good signal sinpo 44444

6255-10.45 Radio Telestar South playing slade and id jingle sinpo 43233

6385-11.25 Radio Baken 16 playing Steely Dan, weak signal sinpo 32222

6420-11.37 Premier Radio playing Roy Orbison, queen and racey. good signal, but was having technical problems with transmitter sinpo 44443

6960-12.55 Atlantic Radio playing Earth Wnd And Fire. fair signal, with some fading sinpo 43233

6310-14.25 Radio Pluto playing Soft Cell"torch" And Eddy Grant. Fair signal, and some fading sinpo 43323

6320-15.50 Trans Europe Radio(tent) playing The Platters. weak signal so not sure i heard id right. sinpo 32222

6317-15.08 Unid playing Dance Music. Fair signal at times, but strong utillty making it hard to hear. sinpo 31332

6325-15.26 Radio Caroline International playing Dance Music And Id jingles. fair signal, with some fading sinpo 33323

6305-15.45 Radio Merlin International playing The Hollies, Colour Me Bad And The Stranglers. strong signal, with a occasional fade sinpi 54444

4065-16.50 Central Radio International playing Scissor Sisters. good clear signal sinpo 44444

4015-21.45 Laser Hot Hits playing The Eagles"last resort" Fair signal, but noise level is high sinpo 33233


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

lot of thanks for log us again,
great work!!!

Best wishes and have a nice evening,
Radio Caroline International.

irish paul said...

Hi Radio Caroline International
You're Welcome.
good to hear your station again

73's Paul