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Sunday, January 23, 2011

shortwave logs 23/01/11

6282-8.00 Radio Shadow Playing Limal And Elton John. Fair Signal sinpo 43233

6305-8.08 Sonic Radio Playing Teach In(dutch version), Pussycat And Blondie. Good Signal sinpo 44344

6935-8.16 Mike Radio Playing Poco And Rock Music. Good Signal, with a occasional fade Sinpo 44434

4015-8.28 Laser Hot Hits Playing The Beatles And reading reception report from USA. Good Signal sinpo 44344

5820-8.40 Orion Radio Playing Labi Siffe Followed by promo for AM Forum And Music from Focus. Good Signal sinpo 44344

6220- 8.42 Misti Radio Playing Soul Music. Weak Signal Again Sinpo 32122

6375- 9.20 Trans Europe Radio Weak Signal, can just about hear sone music above noise level sinpo 23122

6210-9.40 Laser Hot Hits Stuart Ross Playing Poco. Strong Signal sinpo 54444

6265-10.03 Geronimo Shortwave playing Dire Straits And Supertramp. Also giving out contact details Good Signal  sinpo 44344

6960-10.45 Atlantic Radio playing Dollar And Ub40. Good Signal sinpo 443444

6400-11.20 Radio Corona playing Dutch Songs. Weak Signal sinpo 32122

6303-13.03 Radio Marconi  Playing Blues Music. Weak Signal And Rapid Fading. Sinpo 23212

 6425-13.50 Unid with ID Jingle And Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 32132. Id was either Radio Pioneer or Radio BNA.Maybe somebody out there knows which Station it was.

6315-15.25 Old Timer Radio Playing Smokie"mexican girl" Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6385-15.35 Unid playing Rock Music. Good Signal sinpo 44344. No Id heard . Off@16.02 Back on@16.30 playing Country And Western Music sinpo 44444. maybe 2 different stations.

4035-22.45 Unid Playing Non-stop Blues Music. Fair Signal,with some noise sinpo 43233. no id heard

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