Pirates For Peace

Saturday, July 9, 2011

4015-6.45 Laser Hot Hits playing Morrissy. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

 6305-16.50 Unid playing Instrumental Music, Weak Signal And some deep fades. Sinpo 32122

6300-17.50 Radio Vendor playing Instrumental Music. Weak Signal And Some Fading Sinpo 33222

6305-1919 Unid Playing Dire Straits. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6423-19.25 Radio Oscar Zula playing Donna Summer. Fair Signal Sinpo 43233

6300-19.30 Unid Playing The Hollies. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444.

6419-20.00 Studio 52 playing Icehouse. Fair Signal, but not helped by Utility Qrm on 6418 SInpo 42333

6450-20.15 Radio Lowland playing Simple Minds. Good Signal Sinpo 44344

6375-20.20 Radio Doc Einstein playing Deep purple. Fair signal,but some Utility qrm. Sinpo 42333

6310-20.27 Radio Bravo Sierra Playing Abba And Elton John. Fair Signal Sinpo 34333

6300-20.37 Unid Playing Exile"kiss you all over". Very Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6290-20.50 Radio Caroline International/ Radio Rainbow International playing Dance Music And Id Jingle Weak Signal Sinpo 32323

6320-21.00 Delta Radio playing Dance Music Sinpo 42333

6310-21.15  Radio Fox 48 playing Sweet"love is like oxygen" And The Roaring Sixtees"we love the pirates". Weak signal Sinpo 33322

6510-21.35 Radio Pink Panther playing Easy Listening Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 33222

 6299-22.55 Radio Marconi playing a Dance version of "Cambodia" Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6308-23.10 Radio Powerliner with the War of The Worlds Soundtrack.. Fair Signal Sinpo 42333

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

thanks a lot for log of us again on 6290kcs!
Power this time was only 25watts.

Greetings to Eire,
Radio Caroline/Rainbow International.