Pirates For Peace

Thursday, February 9, 2012

6325-17.12 Radio FSM(see comments) with Pop Music And Saying goodbye.Only heard the last few minutes,not long enough to hear id. Sinpo 43333

6306-17.20 Unid With Lots of talking. Weak Signal Sinpo 32322

6305-17.50 Unid Playing Rock Music. Said He was From The Netherlands, but could not catch name of the station. Closed down at 17.55. Sinpo 33233

6305-17.57 Unid On with a Qso Report And Playing Instrumental Music in the background while talking. Weak Signal Sinpo 33223

4015-20.45 Laser Hot Hits Playing UB40"many rivers to cross". Good Signal sinpo 44344


  1. Anonymous10:03 PM GMT

    Hi Paul,

    such UNID on 6325kcs had been "Radio FSM"!


  2. Hi Paul,
    Many thanks for your help with the unid.

    73's Paul