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Friday, February 24, 2012


RADIO JOYSTICK from February 2012 onwards only is active on one shortwave-frequency: 6005 kHz (R700-relay) – every first Sunday each month at 11 h GERMAN time, with a repeat two week later!

But additionally the Charlie-Prince-Show can be heard syndicated for Radio30plus on Medium Wave from Spain and cable in Neu-Ulm, South-Germany
(89,9 streamed on www.radio30plus.es) every first Sunday each month 10-11 local time, with repeat on third Sunday of each month 20-21 local time!
New Web Page: www.charlieprinceshow.com offers further info!

Vy 73s
DJ Charlie Prince

Postfach 23 31
55512 Bad Kreuznach

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Charlie Prince said...

RADIO JOYSTICK: New year, new music and new frequency for the Charlie-Prince-Show

Midday of 20 January and on every first Sunday of each month you can hear Charlie on 7330 kHz

For 25 years monthly on shortwave: Funky Sounds 4 Central Europe! Topics on every first weekend of each month are: Malta, media, music - and more!

In the new year we will use 100 kW output power from Issoudun (F) to reach more listeners. Frequency promises better reception, too:
From February onwards the Charlie Prince Show will be heard on 7330 kHz in the 41-meter shortwave band.

After a "test" transmission on 20th of January 2013 at 12 clock CET on 7330 kHz one can hear us on every first Sunday of each month from 12 o'clock German time!
On this frequency!

Audible anytime via Internet: www.play.fm/artist/charlieprince

We report on Malta ...

Since that island nation stopped its foreign radio services, DJ Charlie Prince reports on interesting news and facts.
Finally, Malta is an important external EU border - and offers best relations with Libya!

... as well as on media, music - and more

We are making Free Radio - and we're reporting on it. 1985 Radio Joystick began with funky music, soul and disco. Then, in the nineties, everyone did.
So - after the millennium - we changed into breakbeat and house sound.
Now many more stations do so. Consequently, we again turned to our sounds of the beginnings:
With enhanced music style we are playing handpicked tracks of the seventies up to our insider tips among new releases!

Programs are produced for syndication.
They can be offered for free to any interested online radio station which can easily and efficiently add own jingles and commercials!

Syndication: www.charlieprinceshow.com

Last not least: Please make use of our new "donate"-button ("Spende") on our main web page www.radiojoystick.de - very many thanks in advance!

RADIO JOYSTICK, Postfach 23 31, 55512 Bad Kreuznach; www.radiojoystick.de