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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Horbart Radio International

 Message from Hobart Radio International:

I am writing to see if a station is willing to form a 

partnership. I publish the popular DX Extra 

Shortwave show athriradio.org getting around 

500 listeners a month - 250 per show and growing
I am passionate about the pirate radio hobby and 

feature pirate radio logs including recordings on the show. Back in the mid 2000s Hobart Radio 

International was proudly being relayed by The baltic sea relay station and JRRI. Would a station consider 

relaying the show as a partnership so I could announce your station at the end of each show as well as 

promote it on the website with a direct link to your show, the link would also be displayed on every show 

Published as it is included in the transcript. I am even open to the possibility of promos advertising the radio 
I am very passionate about the shortwave hobby, dxing to hear new and exciting content on shortwave but 

really feel disconnected with hobbyists who used to tune into Hobart Radio International between 2005-2008.

 It would be great to once again reach a European audience and maybe even an American audience. Sadly

commercial stations cost a lot making it hard for independant small stations to get out into the radiowaves."

Email: hriradio@gmail.com

Kind regards,


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