Pirates For Peace

Sunday, January 17, 2016

4026-7.45 Laser Hot Hits Dave Simpson With Music From Edison Lighthouse" love grows where my rosemary goes" And Wings" band on the run" Sinpo 44344

6240-7.55 Radio Waves International Playing Country Music. Some Fair Peaks Sinpo 33333

6205-8.05 Radio King Shortwave Oldies Including Seal" crazy" Sinpo 33333

6170-8.45 Mike Radio Music From The Eagles" desperado" And David Bowie" space oddity" Sinpo 54444

6255-8.55 Radio Casanova Dutch Music And Oldies Including Keith Marshall" only crying" Sinpo 54444

6305-9.05 Radio Merlin International Paul Hammond With Music From John Lennon" give peace a chance" And Fleetwood Mac" Sara" Sinpo 44343

9485-9.18 EMR Tom Taylor With Music From Bon Jovi" living on a prayer" And Eddie Floyd" knock on wood" Sinpo 54444

6201-9.30 Radio Likedeeler Blues And Country Rock Music. Talking In German Sinpo 43333

6295-9.45 Top Radio Polka And Dutch Music. Id Jingles Sinpo 43443

6265-10.00 Radio 42 Music From The Rubettes" sugar baby love" And ELO" mr blue sky" Sinpo 33433

6285-10.12 Unid Music From Heatwave, Nazareth And Jeff Beck Sinpo 44433

6395-10.30 Unid Playing Dance Music. Slightly Over Modulated Sinpo 54444

6318-14.30 Rock Radio Network Rock Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6285-14.40 Radio Akenzo Oldies Including Robin Gibb. Sinpo 54444

6240-14.40 Radio Ac/Dc Music From Bon Jovi And Ac/Dc. Closed Down At 15.02 Sinpo 43333

9290-15.10 Mike Radio Testing In USB Music From Survivor" eye of the tiger" And Toto" Africa" Sinpo 54444

6380-15.20 Radio Baken 16 Talking In Dutch And David Bowie" heroes"Sinpo 33433

6285-15.30 Radio Zwarte Panther Dutch Music Sinpo 44344

6803-15.45 Radio Pink Panther Music From Glen Campbell, Spencer Davis Group And The Bee Gees Sinpo 43333

6395-16.58 Laser Hot Hits Via Radio Blackbeard Ian Lawrence Coming To End If His Program. Music From The Blow Monkeys" digging your scene" Sinpo 54444

6910-16.10 Radio Orion 2000 Pop And Rock Music. I'd Jingles In Many Languages Sinpo 34323

6265-16.21 Radio Johnny Tobacco Pan Pipes And Country Music Sinpo 55444

6285-16.30 Radio Akenzo Men At Work"down under" And Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6803-16.40 Radio Pink Panther Music From Lovin Spoonful, The Beatles And Rick Nelson Sinpo 43333

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Anonymous said...

Thank´s Paul, not only for this log but for all the logs. Uncle Bernhard