Pirates For Peace

Saturday, January 16, 2016

6205-8.50 Radio King Shortwave Rock Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 33222

9510-9.10 Radio City Oldies Including Dusty Springfield" you don't have to say you love me" Sinpo 54444

6260-16.20 Radio Johnny Tobacco Tina Turner Songs Including" simply the best" Sinpo 55444

6395-16.40 Unid Playing Techno Music Sinpo 43333

6210-16.52 Radio Hefner Music From The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac And Guns And Roses Sinpo 54444

6306-17.15 Radio Tower Music From The Sweet And UB40. Also Ids Sinpo 54444

6290-17.25 Unid Man Of Action Song Closed Down A Few Minutes Later Sinpo 33322

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