Pirates For Peace

Saturday, January 30, 2016

6205-9.10 Radio King SW Oldies Sinpo 33232

6290-9.23 Radio Pioneer Testing Status Quo" in the army now" And Phil Collins" in the air tonight". Noisy Signal Sinpo 43233

6245-9.40 Unid Music From Toto, Dr Hook And Nazareth Sinpo 44433

6325-12.15 Unid Playing Pop Music Sinpo 33333

6240-12.20 Mike Radio Pop Music Sinpo 54444

6255-12.40 Unid Radio Essex Recordings Sinpo 44344

6285-14.33 Radio Focus International Katrina And The Waves" walking on sunshine" And Chesney  Harkes Sinpo 43444

6385-14.45 Radio Ac/Dc Pussycat" Mississippi" And Bob Segar" still the same" Some Fading Sinpo 43333

6280-14.55 Radio Verona Playing Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6395-15.08 Studio 52 The Cult And Polka Music Sinpo 33333

6240-15.20 Mike Radio Non Stop Pop Music Strong Signal The whole Afternoon Sinpo 54444

6325-15.40 Radio Montferland  Nena" 99 luft balloons" And Paul Hardcastle" nineteen" Sinpo 54444

6210-16.40 Unid Buddy Holly, Johnny And The Pirates And Cliff Richard Sinpo 33333

6262-16.10 Radio Telestar Oldies Including Elvis Presley And Jerry Lee Lewis Sinpo 54444

6385-16.20 Unid Playing Dutch Music Sinpo 33433

6304-16.30 Radio Verona Playing Dutch Pop And Folk Music Sinpo 54444

6280-16.40 Radio Mustang Oldies And Dance Music Including Queen" i want to break free" Sinpo 54444

6735-16.50 Radio Pioneer Oldies Including Whigfield Sinpo 43333

6305-17.35 Unid Aha, Cyndi Lauper And Gloria Gaynor Occasional Fading Sinpo 54433

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