Pirates For Peace

Sunday, April 3, 2016

4029-6.10 Laser Hot Hits Debarge" Rythem of the night" And Fr David" words". Reception Reports Sinpo 44344

6205-6.30 Radio King Shortwave Oldies Including Alphaville" forever young" Sinpo 33333

6295-7.01 Mike Radio David Bowie/ Queen, Joe Jackson, Fairground Attraction And Kiki Dee Sinpo 54444

7300-7.33 U Boat 66 Alan Parsons Project Songs And Saying Hello To Radio Blueman Sinpo 33333

6205-8.58 Radio King Shortwave Instrumental Track, Fleetwood Mac And I'd Jingles Sinpo 33233

6300-9.08 Radio Nightrider Meatloaf" paradise by the dashboard light" Weak Signal Sinpo 32333

6325-9.18 Radio Zwarte Panther Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

6251-9.28 Unid Polka Music. Deep Fading Sinpo 33322

6235-9.38 Unid Dutch Songs Sinpo 33333 Faded Out A Few Minutes Later.

6305-9.50 Radio Marabu Alternative Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 33222

6322-14.18 Radio Akenzo Dutch Music And Meatloaf",paradise by the dashboard light"Sinpo 43333

6260-14.30 Radio Caroline Flashback Kinks" Victoria" And The Beatles Sinpo 44344.

6285-15.03 Radio Melody Pop Music Sinpo 33433

6325-15.35 Radio Akenzo Dutch, German Music And Oldies Including FR David" words". Greetings Sinpo 43444.

6305-15.45 Radio Marabu Alternative Rock Music Sinpo 44344

6210-16.10(USB) Radio Barraquda Barry Manilow" Mandy" And Indeep" last night a Dj saved my life" Sinpo 33333

6315-16.40 Unid Stan Ridgeway" camouflage" Sinpo 34333

6289-16.50 Unid The Cutting Crew" i just died in your arms" And Tubeway Army" are friends electric" Sinpo 44433

6230-18.00 Radio Blackbeard  Dance Music And Id Jingles Sinpo 44333

6320-18.23 Radio Joey Dance Music And Pussycat" Mississippi" Sinpo 54444

6284-18.55 Radio Underground Mama Cass And Dutch Music Sinpo 44344

6973-19.05 Blue Dragon Radio Four Non Blondes"whats going on", Steve Miller Band" the joker" And Id Jingles Sinpo 43443

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