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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday, December 10, 2016

1624-6.55 Unid Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 33232

1615-7.05 Unid Dutch Folk And Country Music Sinpo 34333

6260-9.15 Radio Nova I'd Jingles, The Kinks, Sally Oldfield And The Cherokees Sinpo 44333

6335-9.27 Radio Blacklake Status Quo, The Scorpions And Ike & Tina Turner. Occasional Fair Peaks Sinpo 33333

6210-9.37 Radio King SW Oldies Including Flash In The Pan And The Rolling Stones Sinpo 33333

6235-15.02 Unid Dutch And Instrumental Music Sinpo 44344

6284-15.12 Radio Mazda Dutch Songs Sinpo 43443

6260-15.35 Unid Offshore Recordings Sinpo 44344

6320-15.50 Unid Playing Dance Music Including Juan Medina" the beyond" Sinpo 44344

6747-16.05 Radio Pioneer Dutch/ Polka Mix Sinpo 43333

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

6260 is someone testing. the freq has been in use befor. its a uk station me thinks.