Pirates For Peace

Sunday, October 22, 2017

6210-7.08 Radio King Sw. Oldies Including Vangelis" ballad" And Vanity Fair" hitchin a ride" Sinpo 34333

6305-8.35 Radio Merlin International. Louis Armstrong, The Move And Anita Harris Sinpo 43333

6285-8.55 Bogusman. Jimi Hendrix, Propaganda And The Jock Sinpo 54444

6265-9.08 Radio Monique(tent). Dance And Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

6295-9.18 Radio NMD (see comments). Little Richard, Chubby Checker And Hermans Hermits Sinpo 44344

6257-9.28 Radio Ahmed/ Black Bandit (see comments) French And Dutch Music Including Francoise Hardy And Gerard Cox Sinpo 54444

6320-9.38 Radio Underground. Donovan, Keith West And Jimi Hendrix Sinpo 43444

6300-9.55 Unid. Jean Michelle Jarre  And Dutch Music Occasional Utility Qrm Sinpo 42333

6205-10.18 Laser Hot Hits. Debarge, Fleetwood Mac And Robin S Sinpo 44344


Anonymous said...

I was on 6295 Paul ,

Greetzz NMD

Irish Paul said...

Many thanks for letting me know it was you on 6295.


Anonymous said...

Heard NOVEMBER RADIO at 0913 and 0915 UTC (no 'Mike Delta' added)


Anonymous said...

About 6257, I heard that station at 0919 with Koto "Dragon slayer",
talking at 0922 UTC : "..good morning .. Ici Radio AHMED ..."
of course one more fancy ID from Black Bandit Radio.


Irish Paul said...

Hi Ray
Many thanksfor your help again.
It is much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Ray, the all-hearing ear, once more to the rescue...

Anonymous said...

More evidence needed about 6295 NMD / November.

Listening to the clip recorded by Achim at 0906 UTC, it was clearly Radio November Mike Delta.

Later, I can't verify (no recording). If no one can can confirm what I think I heard, then I will say it was all NMD (and will put the blame to the splash from Bogusman... :))