Pirates For Peace

Saturday, August 18, 2018

6315-11.20 The Ghoul. Chat And Music Including Was( Not was)"shake your head" And Thee Oh Seas" web" Sinpo 44333

6265-19.35 Radio Zwarte Panther. George McCrae, The Rubettes And The Cats Sinpo 54444

5800-19.45 Radio 319. I'd Jingles, Natasha, Tony Sherman And Nick Fiorucci Sinpo 43333

6393-19 57 Radio Pandora. Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles And Whistling Jack Smith Sinpo 43443

6275-20.08 Unid. Fun Fun, Evert Taube And Eddie Meduca Sinpo 55444

6240-20.20 Unid. Polka Music Sinpo 43433

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