Pirates For Peace

Saturday, March 21, 2020

1645-5.40 Radio Rietvink. Dutch Music And Ids Sinpo 43433

1494-5.50 Coast fm. Louise, The Pretenders, Lilly Allen Sinpo 44333

846-6.00 Radio North. Dana, Charley Pride, Lulu And The Carpenters Sinpo 44333

981-6.15 Radio Star Country. The Eagles, Philomena Begley, Vince Gill, I'd Jingle, Sinpo 44333

6850-7.00 Blue Moon Radio( tent). Music From War Of The Worlds Soundtrack Including Justin Haywood" forever autumn" And Jeff Wayne" thunder child" Sinpo 43333

6265-7.20 Radio 102. JJ Cale, David Bowie, I'd Jingle And Neil Diamond Sinpo 33433

5790-7.35 Radio 319. Radio Luxembourg Recording?. Tony Prince Show, Simon And Garfunkel, The Flirtations And The Sweet Sinpo 43443

4830-7.55 Radio Dolfijn. Kc And Sunshine Band" give it up", Jo Boxers" boxer beat" Sinpo 33433

5840-9 05 Radio Deltracks. Al Stewart" Broadway hotel", Depeche Mode" see you" Sinpo 33333

6390-13.53 Unid. The Common Linnets, Carl Douglas And Earth & Fire Sinpo 43433

5780-14.03 Harmony Radio. Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Arthur Tracy Sinpo 54444

6305-14.13 Radio Merlin International. Arthur Brown, Toni Basil, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Sinpo 43433

6245-14.23 Radio Panda. George Formby Heard On A Fair Peak Sinpo 32333

6290-15.45 Little Feet Radio. The Kelly Family, Lissie, Ids, Rita Ora Sinpo 44433

6275-15.55 Radio Batavia. Maggie McNeal, Meco, I'd Jingle And Abba Sinpo 54444

6325-16.05 Radio Zeewolf. Kenny Rodgers" the gambler", Gigi D'Agostino" l'amour toujours" Sinpo 43333

6390-16.15 Radio Deltracks( tent). Skunk Anansie, Genesis, Elvis And The Attractions Sinpo 43443

6285-16.25 Radio Monique. Diana Ross" I'm coming up", Tubeway Army" are friends electric" Sinpo 54444

6330-16.38 Radio Zeewolf Kenny Rodgers And Dolly Parton" islands in the stream" Sinpo 43433

6850-16.48 Blue Moon Radio( tent). War Of The World's Soundtrack, Jeff Wayne" the spirit of the man" Sinpo 43433

4830-16.58 Radio Dolfijn. Dutch Music Sinpo 43433

4700-17.08 Mystery Radio 21. German Music Including Schandmaul Sinpo 33433

6275/76/80-17.50 Radio Johnny Tobacco( presumed). Dutch Song, Police" every breath you take", Murray Head" one night in Bangkok" Sinpo 54444

6325-18.03 Radio Joey. Fleetwood Mac, Cheap Trick And Golden Earring Sinpo 44433

1494-18.15 Coast fm. Eric Burden" coloured rain" And Joni Mitchell" Woodstock" Sinpo 43444

5140-18.25 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

3920-18.35 Continental Radio. The Beatles" can't buy me love" And Dutch Music Sinpo 43444

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