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Monday, November 9, 2020

Sw/Mw Logs

3940-18.50 Mike Radio. Barbra Streisand, Koto, Id And CD Sinpo 54444

1615-19.13 Radio Admiral( see comments). Dutch Talk, Instrumental Music And CD Sinpo 43333

1629-19.20 Unid. Dutch Music, The Beatles Sinpo 33333

1646-19.30 Radio Vrolijke Mijnwerker( see comments). Instrumental Music Sinpo 33433

1655-19.40 Radio Oldtimer( see comments). Dutch Music Including Carinthia Express Sinpo 44444

1673-19.50 Radio Armada. Polka Music Including Mieke Telkamp Sinpo 43333

1665-20.08 Radio Digital. Qso Report,  Boney M Sinpo 44433

1665-21.12 Radio Concorde. Qso Report, New Order Sinpo 43333


MW Pirate Fan said...
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MW Pirate Fan said...

Hi Paul. Hope you're well. I can fill in a few blanks for you there. 1615 was Admiraal, 1646 was Vrolijke Mijnwerker and 1655 was Oldtimer. Keep up the good work.

Irish Paul said...

Hi David,
Many thanks for your help with the Unid and yes everything is good here and I hope the same for you.
I had a idea 1655 was Oldtimer but wasn't sure.
Nice to see you updated your blog.
I had a good look at it yesterday during my lunch break at work.
It is a comprehensive and interesting list.