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Sunday, November 1, 2009

shortwave logs 01/11/09

6375-7.48 sonic radio playing cock robin fair signal sinpo 32333

6210-7.55 radio paardenkracht playing fr david"words" strong signal sinpo 54444

6290-8.00 radio borderhunter playing dire straits,the kelly family and bill Haley and the comets strong signal sinpo 54444

6325-8.10 radio continental playing dutch music good signal sinpo 44344

5815-8.15 orion radio playing joan jett and the blackhearts and omd strong signal sinpo 54444

6315-8.20 radio waves international playing the song"moon river" fair signal also some utillty qrm sinpo 32222

6200-8.25 unid playing dutch music good signal sinpo 44444

6306-8.30 radio scotland playing the song"voyage,voyage" and talking about big l not coming on 1395 as planned strong signal sinpo 55444

6300--8.40 radio doorzetter also playing cock robin fair signal sinpo 33233

6285-8.50 trans europe radio playing t rex and ultravox good signal sinpo 43444

6262-9.00 unid playing the shadows good signal sinpo 44344

6240-9.10 mike's radio giving out contact details said he was moving to 7600 also some utillty qrm sinpo 32333

6220-9.22 mystery radio playing instrumental music sinpo 43343

6310-9.30 grensstad radio with a good signal playing the shadows and 10 cc sinpo 44444

6205-9.45 cupid radio on a short test good signal also some splash from 6210 sinpo 43434

6292-9.50 radio condor playing dance music strong signal sinpo 54444

6177-9.55 antonio radio playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 33333

6140-10.00 mv baltic radio playing david bowie strong signal sinpo 54444

6300-10.10 radio shadowman playing midnight oil plenty off hello's good signal sinpo 44344

6280-10.35 radio merlin playing abba,los bravos and the toys good signal but can hear another station on same channel sinpo 43444 heard later@14.00 playing dance music strong signal and in the clear now sinpo 54444

5825-11.05 geronimo shortwave dave scott playing rock music and giving out contact details fair signal sinpo 32333

5815-11.20 radio telestar south the golden boys playing dave clark five strong signal sinpo 54444

6306-11.25 radio brandaris playing tina tuner strong signal sinpo 54444

6325-12.00 radio mustang playing dutch music fair signal also some fading sinpo 32233

6293-12.20 retro radio playing def leppard good signal sinpo 43444

6375-12.25 radio marconi playing tears for fears,desmond dekker and jim croce fair signal sinpo 32333

6425-12.35 voice of the netherlands playing dance music good clear signal sinpo 44444

6259-13.02 radio scirocco playing the rolling stones fair signal also long fades sinpo 32232

6305-13.10 radio malaisy playing supertramp good signal sinpo 44344

6870-13.45 playback international playing lionel richie and stereophonics fair signal sinpo 33233

6299-14.10 radio marconi play patrick hernandez"born to be alive"good signal sinpo 44344

6260-15.05 farmers from holland playing gary moore and phil lynott fair signal but noise level is high sinpo 32233

6396-15.20 radio baken 16 playing iron maiden"can i play with madness" good signal sinpo 44344

6400-16.15 retro radio playing soft rock music good signal also some fading sinpo 43444

6220-20.50 mystery radio playing Simon and garfunkel and creedance clearwater rivel good sigal sinpo 44344


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your log.

Anonymous said...

Thx Paul, greetings from Mike Radio