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Saturday, October 31, 2009

shortwave logs 31/10/09

6210-8.45 misti radio with a good signal sinpo 44344 playing dr hook, sly and the family stone and santana

6310-10.45 grensstad radio playing french music fair signal sinpo 33233

6325-10.53 radio mustang playing living in a box fair signal also some fading sinpo 33223

6280-11.00 radio merlin playing queen and lots of oldies including johnny tilotson strong signal sinpo 54444

6325-14.05 radio monte carlo playing belinda carlisle fair signal sinpo 33233

6300-14.00 trans europe radio giving out id and e-mail adresses fair signal sinpo 32333

6950-14.15 radio jan van gent playing dutch music weak signal sinpo 22122 heard later@15.45 playing country and western music sinpo 32323

6870-14.30 playback international playing the bachelors" diana"fair signal sinpo 33233

6300-15.55 unid with a weak signal but can hear some music sinpo 22122

6305-16.30 radio maialsy playing kc and the sunshine"give it up" good signal sinpo 44444

3930-20.55 central radio playing pop and rap music fair signal also some noise sinpo 33233

3890-21.05 radio sophie playing suzi quotro"she's in love with you" first time to hear this station good signal sinpo 44344

3880-21.10 radio pluto playing u2 and heaven 17 fair signal sinpo 33333

6220-21.45 mystery radio playing dance music signal not so good tonight sinpo 32232

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