Pirates For Peace

Sunday, January 19, 2014

6200-7.30 Radio Orang Utan Playing Polka And Dutch Music. Also Ryan Paris, Jane Birken & Serge Gainsburg And The Equals. Fair To Good Signal Sinpo 43433

6295-8.05 Radio Waldmeister Playing Dutch Music. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

6305-8.25 Unid Weak Signal. Just About Hear Some Pop Music. Sinpo 32322

6265-8.35 Radio Nora Playing Oldies Including" papa was a rolling stone". Good Signal Sinpo 43444

6320-8.45 Radio Norton Playing Dutch Music. Good Signal, Occasional SSB Qrm. Sinpo 43444

6281-8.55 Unid Playing Instrumental Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 43444

6245-9.45 Radio Ac/Dc Music From Ac/DC, Van Halen And Talk Talk. Fair To Good Signal Sinpo 44433

6210-9.20 Time Radio Music From Pussycat" Mississippi". Weak Signal Sinpo 33322

6205-9.30 Radio King Shortwave Rock Music. Weak To Fair Signal Sinpo 33233

6285-9.40 Radio Telestar With Music From The Troggs, The Searchers And 1910 Fruitgum Company. Fair Signal Sinpo 43333

9480-9.50 EMR Mike Taylor With Music From Simple Minds And Whitesnake. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

11401-10.05 Radio Waves International Playing A Variety Of Different Styles Of French Music. Also Id Jingles And Promo For Offshore Echo's. Fair Signal, Occasional Fading Sinpo 34323

6225-10.20 Radio Casanova Talking And Dutch Music. Weak To Fair Signal Sinpo 32333

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