Pirates For Peace

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Radio Spaceshuttle Mothers Day Special Broadcast.

Hi folks- We are celebrating Mothers Day with nice beutiful music Sunday 10th of May! 

Hobart Radio International joining with. Program includes also wishes to few contacts and friends of ours. 

Please join to our channel!

10th of May 2015 20-21 UTC on 13800 kHz


Dick on service

Radio Spaceshuttle

Radio Spaceshuttle International 

P.O.Box 2702

NL: 6049 ZG Herten 

The Netherlands 

A little fee (2 euros) for return postage (for full info printed QSLs) is needed! Quick responce and 

communication is possible by e-mail: spaceshuttleradio@... Best Regards!, 

Dick of Radio Spaceshuttle 


Please note, that we have gathered all reports in here for "One-time" posting after this 


Season January to end of June.  So printed QSLs will be send aftyer that (and e-mailQSLs as well)

Prizes for winners will be posted same time- For 3 most reports sent persons and to 3 winners 


By Madame Fortune. With prizes there are for example Radio Spaceshuttle T-Sirts, Caps, pens, 

stickers, magnetics,  strange music-cds  etc....