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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dave Valko Sunday Loggings From USA

6279.94             UNID.  Carrier came on the air here at 0721:46.  Same strength as 6210.28.  Went off at 0747:14, but came back on at 0751:23 and was definitely getting mx.  Audio just at threshold w/mx at 0754 and 0756.  Very short peak w/mx at 0759:30 just seconds before SSB traffic started.  Went off at 0803:45, because of the SSB traffic??  (see 6283.94 below)  (13 Nov.)

6283.94      UNID.  Signal on at 0803:54 obviously the same stn that was on 6279.94 10 seconds earlier.  No doubt changed freq to avoid the SSB traffic.  Mx at 0805.  Peak at 0806:00.  At 0815:42, it changed freq again to 6284.94.  (see below)  (13 Nov.)

6284.94      UNID.   Changed from from 6283.94 to this one at 0815:42.  Was almost instantaneous this time.  Still there by 0823 t/out but couldn’t get any audio as it was fading.  (13 Nov.)

                                             Many Thanks Dave For Your Loggings

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