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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Special announcement for Artem's World Music N30!

My dear collegues and friends,

As you maybe know my next show will be N30. Unfortunately I had no special celebration on 10, 20
and 25….

So I am planning something special for N30.

All my listeners and operators who play my shows on the air know that it is dedicated to World
 So if you are able to record a greeting for my show N30 n your native language, it will be

You also could remind music I maybe played or maybe you just want to hear, so ask me for a

singer, group or just a region of the World and I’ll try to do my best!

Special attention: we have a lot of English speaking listeners, so but English is different fom part to

part of the World so if you native language is English, please? turn your local accent on as much as it
is possible.

Sure, it will be great

The plan is to produce new show before Christmas 2016!

If I’d collect as much different and exotic languages as possible, it will be greeeeeeaaaaat!

Thank you in adavnce for support!

Yours truly,

Incredible Artem

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