Pirates For Peace

Monday, February 6, 2017

16.65-21.20 Radio B4 Instrumental Music Sinpo 44433

1647-21.30 Radio Armada Dutch Music, Ids And Closed Down Sinpo 43333

1611--21.40 Radio Batavia ELO, Tina Turner And The Cure Sinpo 34333

1635-21.50 Radio Ruisbreker. Too Weak To Id Music Heard Sinpo 33222

1650-22.45 Radio Wilskracht(see comments) Dutch Music. Signal Fading Up And Down Sinpo 43333


MW Pirate Fan said...

Hi Paul. Great to see lots of MW logs in recent weeks - super stuff. I can help with the UNID on 1650. That was Radio Wilskracht. Keep up the good work!

Irish Paul said...

Hi David,
Many thanks again for your help and kind comments.