Pirates For Peace

Saturday, February 25, 2017

6235-9.00 Sluwe Vos Radio French Song And I'd Jingles. Closing Down Sinpo 44344

6210-9.10  Radio King SW Rock Music Including Uriah Heep Sinpo 33333

6305-9.20 Radio Marabu  Status Quo, Trio And Glen Frey Sinpo 44344

6850-9.30 Unid Instrumental Music And I'd Jingles. Too Weak To Hear Name Sinpo 32333

6280-9.40 Radio Merlin International The Rolling Stones And The Eagles Sinpo 43333.

6284-16.07 Radio Joey 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor, New Edition And Mr Jack Sinpo 44344

6423-16.25 Radio Studio 52 French And Dutch Music Sinpo 33433

6305-16.35 Radio Marabu Rock Music Including Get Well Soon And Johnny Flynn Sinpo 44344

6268-16.50 Rock Radio Network( see comments) Fastway, The Stranglers And Lacuna Coil Sinpo 44344

5820-17.10 Radio 319 Ike & Tina Turner, Bzn And The Doors Sinpo 34333


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul, Saturday 1650 on 6268 kHz was Rock Radio Network. Identification heard a few minutes later.
73's from Toutatis

Irish Paul said...

Hi Toutatis,
Many thanks for your help with Unid.