Pirates For Peace

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

6255-19.28 Radio BZN. BZN  Songs Sinpo 33333

6300-19.38 Blueman Radio. Finnish Music, I'd Jingles And CD. Sinpo 54444

6285-19.46 Radio KR1. A Flock Of Seagulls And Afrojack Feat. Wrabel Sinpo 44344

5825-19.53 Radio Oz Viola( tent). Cirene" magico" And Jinchung Zhang" original" Sinpo 44333

5800-20.03 Zenith Classic Rock. Album Show, Led Zeppelin" black dog" And Dire Straits" planet of new Orleans" Sinpo 55444

5140-20.15 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Including Lucille Bogon" till the cows come home" Sinpo 34333

6205-21.00 Laser Hot Hit. Ian Lawrence Show. The Soup Dragons, The Rubettes" jukebox jive" And Faded Out Sinpo 54444

Saturday, May 18, 2019

6220-17.22 Radio Casanova. The Classics, Highway, Ids And Instrumental Track Sinpo 44334

5810-17.55 Continental Radio. Dutch Music, Joan Jett & The  Blackhearts And Johnny Cash Sinpo 44433

Thursday, May 16, 2019

6305-19.10 Radio Merlin International. Ike & Tina Turner, J Geils Band And Meatloaf Sinpo 44343

6270-19.20 Radio Johnny Tobacco( presumed). Paul Anka, Amanda Lear, Harpo And The Andrew Sisters Sinpo 55444

6261-19.35 Radio Grenswinkel. Testing, Polka/ Dutch Music, Sweet" fox on the run" And "una paloma blanc" Sinpo 43333

5140-19.51 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Including Enrico Caruso" santa Lucia" Sinpo 34333

6205-20.00 Laser Hot Hits. Quincy Jones, The Kinks And Slim Whitman Sinpo 54444

Sunday, May 12, 2019

846-5.02 Radio North. Ralph McTell" streets of London" And Brad Paisley" easy money" Sinpo 34333

6285-6.10 Radio Focus International. Terry Phillips Show, Glenda Collins, Level 42, The Rolling Stones And Hall & Oates Sinpo 43333

6245-17.00 Radio Casanova. Polka Music Sinpo 44333

6285-17.10 Radio Focus International. Led Zeppelin, Metallica And Saxon Sinpo 43443

6335-18.30 Radio Johnny Tobacco. First Aid Kit, Simon & Garfunkel And Dwight Yoakam Sinpo 55444

6305-18.40 Mustang Radio. Metallica, Ac/Dc, Dutch Music And CD. Sinpo 55444

3920-18.50 Radio Kachelboer. Jona Lowa, CCR" looking out my back door"And Dutch Music Sinpo 44333

5140-19.05 Charleston Radio. G H Elliot And Judy Garland" everybody sing" Sinpo 33333

Saturday, May 11, 2019

6285-14.00 Radio Focus International. Earth & Fire, Ian Drury & The Blockheads, Hawkwind And Steve Hilage Sinpo 44333

6325-14.57 Unid. Iron Butterfly, Alice Cooper, The Scaffold And The Hollies Sinpo 43333

6423-16.40 Radio 60. Chris Roberts" do you speak English" And Bill Hayley And The Comets" rock around the clock" Sinpo 33333

6295-16.57 Radio Joey. Dance Music Including Robert Miles" children" Sinpo 44344

6305-17.26 Sluwe Vos Radio.  Iggy Pop, The Stranglers And Fisher Z Sinpo 54444

6275-19.40 Radio Quadzilla. Fischer Z" so long" And Paul & Paula Sinpo 44433

Friday, May 10, 2019

6290-19.20 Mustang Radio. Liquido, REM, Everlast, The President's Of America And Journey Sinpo 55444

6255-19.35 Radio Dr Tim. African Music And I'd Jingles Sinpo 33333.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

1638-5.08 Radio Edelkampioen. Polka/ Instrumental Music Sinpo 33433

981-5.33 Radio Star Country. Country Music Including Shania Twain" you win my love" Sinpo 43333

6850-6.25 Blue Moon Radio. Dee C Lee, Mott The Hopple And Suede Sinpo 43333

6285-17.25 Radio Technical Man. Electronic Music Including Hipnosis" pulstar" Sinpo 54444

6325-17.35 Radio Joey. Techno Music Including Ugutz Hermoso" to you" Sinpo 44444

6277-17.45 Radio Fox 48. The Clancy Brothers/ Tommy Makem" whiskey your the devil" And Backstreet Boys" everybody" Sinpo 33333

6305-17.55 Radio Merlin International. B52's, Anita Ward And Disco Mix Sinpo 44333

6270-18.05 Radio Focus International. Terry Phillips Show, The Kinks" tired of waiting for you" And Contact Details Sinpo 44333

6850-18.20 Blue Moon Radio. Mr Mister, Christina Aguilera, The Script And Utility Qrm. Sinpo 42333

5815-18.32  Continental Radio. The Beatles, Ids, Dire Straits And The Clash Sinpo 43444

6280-18.45 Radio Technical Man. Electronic Music Including Laser Dance Sinpo 55444

Saturday, May 4, 2019

1633-4.55 Radio Barcelona. Phil Collins, Ultravox Fergal Sharkey And Showaddywaddy Sinpo 43333

6850-5.30 Blue Moon Radio. Jennifer Rush, Daughtry And H20 Sinpo 43333

6275-15.00 Radio De Kat. Electronic Music Including Andre Id" voyage voyage" Sinpo 44433

6298-16.35 Radio Fox 48. Dance/ Pop Mix Including Baracuda" Damn!" Sinpo 33333

6305-16.45 Radio Merlin International. The Supremes, Junior Walker & The All Stars And Mary Wells Sinpo 43333

6270-17.05 Radio Focus International. The Tremeloes, The Buzzcocks And Beaky, Dave, Dee, Doxy, Mick And Tich Sinpo 44333

6295-17.14 Treble T Radio. The Stranglers" skin deep" And Polka Music 55444

6285-18.10 Radio Fox 48. Dance And Pop Music Including Smoke" something been making me Blue" And Whigfield" Saturday night" Sinpo 44333

5815-18.20 Radio 319 With Radio Veronica Recording. Rod Stewart And CCR Sinpo 43433

6295-19.00 Radio Joey. Dance Music Sinpo 54444. At 20.40 Sinpo 44344

6285-19.15 Radio Fox 48. Finnish Music Sinpo 43333

6277-19.25 Radio Klabutermann. Free Electric Band, Bruce Springsteen And Free. Sinpo 44333

6305-19.35 Radio Merlin International. Candi Staton, The Drifters, Barry Blue And Middle Of The Road Sinpo 44333

6270-19.45 Radio Focus International. Jimi Hendrix, Electric Eel And Krokus Sinpo 44344

6260-19.55 Unid. Metallica Songs Sinpo 44433

6318-20.07 Radio  Sovereign. Chicago And David Bowie" fame" Sinpo 33333

6205-20.18 Laser Hot Hits. Hue And Cry, Christopher Cross And Fine Young Cannibals Sinpo 54444

6324-20.30 Ross Radio. CCR, I'd Jingles And The Troggs" love is all around" Sinpo 55444

Sunday, April 28, 2019

6850-5.20 Blue Moon Radio. Survivor" eye of the tiger" And DJ Sammy" heaven" Sinpo 33333

6850-6.20 Blue Moon Radio. Lonestar, Michael Bolton And Gavin DeGraw Sinpo 43333

6210-8.35 Radio King SW. Mott The Hopple And Razorlight Sinpo 33333

6275-8.45 Radio Quadzilla. Dutch Music And ABBA" chiquitita" Sinpo 33333

6290-8.47 Radio Johnny Tobacco( presumed). Dutch Music Including Freddy Quinn Sinpo 54444

6850-9.32 Blue Moon Radio. Sophie B Hawkins" as I lay beside you" And Fleetwood Mac" need your love so bad" Sinpo 43333

6260-19.45 Radio Melkbus. The  Knack, Roy Orbison And Steppenwolf Sinpo 44333

6305-19.55 Radio Melin International. Pink Floyd Songs From The Wall Sinpo 43333

5815-20.10 Continental Radio. Rammstein, The Beatles And Bzn Sinpo 43433

6305-20.45 Radio Merlin International With A Recording Of Radio Galaxy Last Broadcast On FM. The Proclaimers" 5000 miles" And A Comedy Sketch Sinpo 44433

Saturday, April 27, 2019

6305-16.50 Radio Johnny Tobacco( presumed). Swedish And Dutch Music Sinpo 55544

6320-17.20 Radio Joey. Dance Music Sinpo 44433

6295-17.45 Radio Stove Farmer. Scooter And The Cranberries" Zombie" Sinpo 54444

6276-17.35 Radio Joey. Moved Here To Avoid Radio Sovereign On 6318. Dance/ Trance Music.  Sinpo 44344

6850-18.15 Blue Moon Radio. Alan Parsons Project, Kenny Loggins And Daryl Hall & John Oates Sinpo 43333

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

6240-17.00 Unid. The Hollies" bus stop" ,The Monkeys" I'm a believer" And Off. Sinpo 43333

6850-17.10 Blue Moon Radio. Natalie Imbruglia, Barbara Craven And Martika Sinpo 43333

5780-17.20 Radio Harmony. Louis Armstrong, Five Smith Brothers, Rosemary Clooney And Doris Day Sinpo 54444

6243-17.34 Unid. Hot Chocolate, Peter Tosh Lionel Ritchie. Sinpo 43443

5140-18.25 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

Monday, April 22, 2019

6850-5.28 Blue Moon Radio. Lloyd Cole  & The Commotions, The Connells And Texas Sinpo 43433

6295-17.10 Radio Joey. Adamski, Snap And Fiction Factory Sinpo 44344

6255-17.30 Misti Radio. Irene Cara, Mud, Lipps In And Dave Berry Sinpo 43333

6265-17.45 Radio Zeeworf. Thanking Listeners For Reports, The Buggles" video killed the radio star" And Cd Sinpo 43444

6850-17.53 Blue Moon Radio. Shawn Mullins, Paul Young, Boz Scaggs And Deacon Blue Sinpo 43444

6270-18.20 Radio Easter Bunny. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

5140-18.40 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music. Sinpo 33433

Sunday, April 21, 2019

6235-8.25 Radio Casanova. Dutch And Country Music Including Kiki And Pearly" Patrick Mon Cherie". Signal Fading Up And Down Sinpo 43333

6270-9.25 Radio Scotland International. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood, Manfred Man And The Isley Brothers Sinpo 44433

6285-9.35 Radio NMD. Harry Chaplin" cats and cradles" Sinpo 43333 And Faded Almost Completely Out.

6270-9.55 Magic AM( tent). Ami Stewart" knock on wood" Sinpo 33333

6850-17.50 Blue Moon Radio. Gerry Rafferty, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello And Talking Heads Sinpo 44333

5810-18.00 Continental Radio. Oldies And Dutch Music Including The Cult And CCR Sinpo 43444

6875-19.00 Radio Europe. The Dazz Band And The Delegation Sinpo 43333

6285-19.05 Unid. Connie Frances, The Beach Boys And Dion. Sinpo 55444

5140-19.20 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Including Oscar Carboni Sinpo 34333

Saturday, April 20, 2019

1645-4.58 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

1617-5.08 Radio Turftrekker Dutch Country/ Folk Music And Polka Music Including The Walkers" oh lonesome me" Sinpo 43333

1633-5.18 Radio Barcelona. Dutch Music Sinpo 44333

6850-13.25 Blue Moon Radio. Jools Holland With Jimmy Cliff, Bono And Sam Sam Brown Sinpo 44333

6285-18.25 Radio Fox 48. Amanda Marshall, Rednex And All 4 One Sinpo 43433

6297-18.35 Radio Class 95. Pop And Country Music Including Merlie Haggard( 2 songs) Sinpo 55444

6320-18.45 Radio Joey. Dance Music Sinpo 44333

5780-18.55 Radio Harmony. Ella's Fitzgerald And Roger Whittaker Sinpo 54444. Faded Out A Few Minutes Later

6325-19.10 Radio Joey. Dance Music Including Tokyo" rise" Sinpo 43444

5140-19.20 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

6423-19.30 Radio Studio 52. Giorgio Moroder, The Hollies And John Fogarty Sinpo 44333

6270-19.40 Radio 102. David Bowie, Neil Diamond And The Hollies Sinpo 43333

6850-19.50 Blue Moon Radio. Jools Holland With Suggs, Eric Bibb And Mark Knopfler Sinpo 43333

Friday, April 19, 2019

6220-17.04 Misti Radio. Silkskin, Megadeth And Queensryche Sinpo 43333

6255-17.14 Radio Casanova. Closing Down, Apollo 100, Bobby Rydell And Asura  Sinpo 44344

6305-17.25 Radio Merlin International. Neil Young" rocking in the free world" And The Paramounts" poison ivy" Sinpo 34333

6850-17.35 Blue Moon Radio. The Pretenders, The Motors And Squeeze Sinpo 43433

6220-17.45 Misti Radio. Saxon" ride like the wind" And UFO" doctor doctor" Sinpo 43333

6295-18.15 Radio Johnny Tobacco. Dutch And Instrumental Music Sinpo 55444

6270-18.30 Unid.  Bob Dylan" like a rolling stone" And Off. Sinpo 44433

6240-18.40 Unid. German/ Dutch And Polka Music. I'd Given But Not Understand Sinpo 43333. At 18.56 Sinpo 44333

6850-19.08 Blue Moon Radio. The Psychedelic Furs, Tom Robinson And Cheap Trick Sinpo 43333

5140-19.18 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Including Zarah Leander Sinpo 34333

6265-19.28 Unid. Music To Weak To I'd Sinpo 23322

5780-19.37 Radio Harmony. Louis Prima, Tom Jones And Brook Benton Sinpo 54444

6305-19.47 Radio Enterprise. Thomas Home, I'd Jingles, Stevie Wonder And Kansas Sinpo 43443

6270-19.57 Premier Radio( tent). Ronnie Hilton, Moterhead" ace of space" And Off Suddenly Sinpo 44333.

6205-20.02 Laser Hot Hits. Jamiroquai, The B52's And Madness Sinpo 54444

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Radio Parade Low power QRP broadcasts during the Easter weekend

Dear Listener/DXer

Special numbered QRP Certificates of Achievement will be issued via e-mail to any DXer who is able to copy Radio Parade's 2.5 watt (10 watt PEP) AM brief broadcast(s) (normal power 50w (200w PEP)  during the Easter Weekend and send a valid reception report.


1) Radio Parade International must not use more than 2.5 watt (10 watt PEP) power in AM mode, use the most efficient antenna, clearest frequency on 48 meters and best time for propagation, day or night.

2) The listener/Dxer must supply a valid reception report with SINPO, time, frequency and some broadcast detail(s) for verification. If two similar or near identical reports are received, Radio Parade will have the right to request further unique broadcast information.

3)  The listener/DXer may use their own equipment, online kiwiSDRs or other online remote receivers if they live far away or in an area with high local QRM and lack their own reception equipment.

4) Upon validation, the DXer will receive a special numbered Certificate of low power QRP Achievement in PDF format as email attachment within a few days

The first certificate has now already been issued to a DXer in Finland who received Radio Parade International's signal during a QRP broadcast power of only 2.5 watt AM with his home equipment.

The plan to go QRP will hopefully take place if propagation conditions are similar or better to that of the last few days and last weekend, time, frequency, (short) duration are not fixed or guaranteed.

Good luck, good DX and 73s,

Radio Parade International
The Easter egg that's hard to find

Monday, April 15, 2019

6285-17.28 Radio KR1. Scott McKenzie, Conny Vandenbos And Instrumental Track Sinpo 43443

6850-17.38 Blue Moon Radio. The Milltown Brothers, Tanita Tikaram And The Dream Academy Sinpo 33433

6740-17.48 Unid Relaying Dutch MW Station United AM. Studio Killers And The The Sinpo 43444

5780-18.53 Radio Harmony. The Elegants, Lala Anderson, George Formby And Judy Garland 44344

6285-19.08 Radio KR1. 2 Unlitmed And 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor(2 song's) Sinpo 43444

6205-19.45 Laser Hot Hits. Mandy Program, East 17, The Prodigy And One Direction Sinpo 54444

6230-20.00 Coast FM. News, Gavin James And England Dan & John Ford Coley Sinpo 43444

Sunday, April 14, 2019

6850-17.43 Blue Moon Radio. Traditional Irish Music Including The Chieftains" the rocky road to Dublin" And The Chieftains/ Sting" mo ghile mear" Sinpo 43333

5800-17.53 FRS Holland. Dave Scott Show. Coming To The End Of Program. Utopia" ikon" Sinpo 44344

5780-18.02 Harmony Radio. Lena Horne, Mel Torme And Jimmy Durant Sinpo 54444

6320-18.12 Radio Joey. 4 Strings" turn it around" And Closed Down Sinpo 44433

Saturday, April 13, 2019

1633-5.15 Radio Barcelona. Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

846-5.25 Radio North. The Allison's" are you sure" And Elvis Presley" Marie s the name" Sinpo 43333

981-5.33 Radio Star Country. Country Music Including Alan Jackson And Jimmy Buffett. Sinpo 43433

6285-14.47 Unid. Latin Music Including Celia Cruz Sinpo 43333

6255-15.20 Radio Casanova. Dutch Music And Oldies Including Debbie And Hank The Knife & The Jets Sinpo 44433

6270-17.55 Radio Klabautermann. Johnny Cash, Cliff Richard And Dana Winner Sinpo 43433

6320-18.05 Radio Joey. The Motels, Wilson Phillips And T-Pau Sinpo 44333

5805-18.20 Radio 319 With Radio Mi-Amigo Program( Dutch Service).  Dutch Music Sinpo 43444

6850-18.30 Blue Moon Radio. Chieftains Music Sinpo 33333

Friday, April 12, 2019

6747-18.58 Radio Pioneer. Dutch And Polka Music Sinpo 43444

5780-19.08 Radio Harmony. Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Lena Horne And Perry Como Sinpo 44444

6275-19.18 Radio Quadzilla. Buddy Holly, Paul Young, Ray Peterson And David Garrick Sinpo 44333

6295-19.32 Unid. Instrumental Music, The Rattles And The Kelly Family Sinpo 54444

6230-19.45 Coast FM. Human League, The Weather Girls And Phil Collins Sinpo 44344

FRS Holland Repeat Broadcast Sunday 14/04/19

Dear FRS Friend,

Next SundayFRS-Holland will be repeating the 4 hour broadcast from Sunday March 31st.
For full info (including schedule web streams) surf to:

New and added on our website: an article about former Radio Delmare short wave front man Johan Rood,
who passed away some weeks ago.

Hope to have your company next Sunday!! Reports & personal comments are appreciated.

73s, Peter V. (on behalf of FRS Crew)

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Skyline Radio Germany Easter Saturday Broadcast On 3975


After a long time of absence - WE ARE BACK ON THE AIR!

Shortwaveradio.de kindly gave us the possibility to be on air with
our shows via their transmitter located somewhere in Northern Germany.

If you would like to try to catch our six hours, 
on April 20th, 2019, Easter Saturday afternoon local (15.00 - 21.00 UTC)
would be a good time to give us a listen.
Try the 75 metre band shortwave on 3975 kHz!
Let's keep fingers crossed for no geomagnetic storms!
If propagation conditions should be bad the transmission
will be postponed until further notice.

It might be a good chance for you to catch our special eQSL-card.
We look forward to your reception reports and comments to:
SKYLINE RADIO GERMANY, P.O.Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, The Netherlands 
or via e-mail to: skylineradiogermany@web.de

Have a great time with us and Good DX,
DJ Jan-Hendrik

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

6261-16.10 Blue Moon Radio. The O'Jays, Aretha Franklin And The Emotions Sinpo 43333

6275-16.58 Radio Altrex. Gerry And The Pacemakers" ferry across the mercy" And Peter And Gordon" a world of own" Sinpo 33333

6240-17.18 Radio Casanova. Polka/ Dutch Music And Fischer Z" so long" Sinpo 54444

6261-18.40 Blue Moon Radio. Wizard" see my baby jive" And The O'Jays" love train" Sinpo 33333

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

6261-17.30 Blue Moon Radio. Bad Company, Foreigner And ZZ Top Sinpo 43333

1617-19.12 Radio Marianne. Dutch Music And Ids Sinpo 44433

1665-19.29 Radio B4. Singing Along To Dawn" knock three times", Dutch Music And Fine Young Cannibals Sinpo 44333

1673-19.51 Radio Armada. Enrique Iglesias, Dutch Music And Europe" final countdown" Sinpo 43333

Sunday, April 7, 2019

6261-5.43 Blue Moon Radio. The Bryds" turn turn turn" Sinpo 33333

6261-6.15 Blue Moon Radio. Blue Oyster Cult, ZZ Top, Adam & The Ants And Survivor Sinpo 43333

6270-9.10 Radio Focus International. Steve Conway" at the end of the day" And Promo For Offshore Echoes Sinpo 44333

6261-9.33 Blue Moon Radio. Deacon Blue, America And The Bryds Sinpo 43333

Saturday, April 6, 2019

All Times From Today Will Be UTC.
Since 31/03/19 I Been Using UTC +1 By Mistake.

1633-5.18 Radio Barcelona. Mary Wells, Marvin Gaye And Kate Weston, Dutch/Polka Music, Chris Andrews And Ids Sinpo 43433

846-5.35 Radio North. The Pretenders, Mary Black And The Tremeloes Sinpo 44333

981-5.50 Radio Star Country. Dolly Parton" Romeo" And Keith Whitley" when you say nothing at all" Sinpo 43333

6270-16.50 Radio Focus International. Deep Purple" child in time" And Faded Out Sinpo 44333

6285-17.10 Unid. Instrumental Music Including Percy Faith" cruny granola suite" Sinpo 44344

6240-17.20 Radio Casanova. Dutch And Instrumental Music Sinpo 54444

6300-17.48 Radio Shipol( tent). Chris Rea, Ottawan And Heather Myles( 2 songs). Sinpo 55444. Familiar Voice Behind the Mic.

1690-21.10 The Ghoul. Chat And Music Including Goldley And Creme" under your thumb" Sinpo 43333

1655-21.20 Radio Uniek. Dutch Music Including Normaal Sinpo 43443

1647-21.30 Radio Keizer En Keizerin. Dutch Music And REM" what's the frequency" Sinpo 43333

1642-21.40 Radio Moby Dick. Dutch And Instrumental Music Sinpo 43444

1637-21.50 Unid. Earth & Fire And Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

1630-22.30 Radio Spakenburg. Country Music And Oldies Including The Carpenters" jambalaya" Co Channel Whistle Sinpo 53443

Friday, April 5, 2019

6325-18.35 Old Timer Radio. Dutch/ Polka Music Sinpo  54444. Closed Down At 18.43

6270-18.45 Radio Focus International  Radio Caroline Recordings. Sinpo 34333

5820-19.18 Unid. Ac/Dc, CCR, Boston And Manfred Mann's Earthband And Faded Out Sinpo 44333. I'd Given But Could Not Catch Name.

6320-19.30 Amsterdam Radio. Status Quo" in the army now", Heather Myles And Instrumental Music Sinpo 54444. Familiar Voice Behind The Mike.

6273-19.54 Radio Quadzilla  Bass Bumpers, Rozalla, Jam & Spoon And Dr Alban Sinpo 44433

Sunday, March 31, 2019

6265-10.00 Radio Zwarte Panther. Dutch Music Including Gert Hollander Sinpo 44344

6210-10.15 Radio King Sw. Dr Feelgood, The La's And The Mission Sinpo 43333

Saturday, March 30, 2019

6270-17.25 Radio Klabautermann. German Music, Olivia Newton John/ John Travolta, Adele And Dexys Midnight Runners Sinpo 43333

Friday, March 29, 2019

6280-20.03 Mustang Radio  Pop Music Including Robin Schulz Feat. Erika Sirola" speechless" Sinpo 55444

6267-20.20 Radio Quadzilla. Chic, The Doobie Brothers, Trans X And Id Jingles Sinpo 44433

1638(36)-20.38 Radio Baroness. Robert Miles, Karen Young, The Cranberries And Top Petty Sinpo 54444

1620-20.50 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 43444

1655-21.00 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

1673-21.10 Radio Armada. Phil Collins, Roy Orbison And Tina Turner Sinpo 43333

1610-21.20 Mustang Radio. Bruce Springsteen, James last And Coldplay( 2 songs) Sinpo 54444

1633-20.33 Radio Baroness. The Temptations" papa was a rolling stone" And Jack Jerry Sinpo 54444

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

FRS Holland Next Sunday Broadcast Update

Dear FRS Friend,

Next Sunday 'oldfashioned' Free Radio entertainment on short wave!
FRS-Holland is back on the SW airwaves.
For full info (including schedule web streams) surf to:
Hope to have your company next Sunday!!

73s, Peter V. (on behalf of FRS Crew)

New Jingles And Info From Pirates For Peace

Dear Pirates For Peace Members.

For some time our "P4P" activity was on a "low level!"

But ...  we are still there!

Hereby attached, 2 (updated-/new-) "P4P - Intro's/Tunes"
Please feel free to give it Airplay on your programs!

Also - we have created a "P4P Folder/Map" on Google-Drive.

Here, you can Listen OnLine- or Download Jingles-/Promo's

This Google-Drive Folder/Map also has a "Sub-Folder-/Map"
with "States of Unrest Songs- & Tracks" 

    Feel Free to Airplay!!!    


The "P4P Movement" is also looking, for someone who can
create a "simple- but good looking" new "P4P Website" - to
replace "the old" http://peacepiratemedia.tk

Are you the one who can help?  Just let us know by sending an email to ;

Join Us And Get Involved

We Are Sponsors Of

   Radio Rainbow International   

Sunday, March 24, 2019

846-6.00 Radio North. Elkie Brooks, Billy J Kramer And Roger Whitaker Sinpo 43433

5820-7.40 Radio 319. Aha" the living daylights" And Genesis" invisible touch" Sinpo 34333

6240-9.10 Radio Casanova. Engelbert Humperdinck" release me" And Dutch Music Sinpo 44344

6290-9.25 Radio Scotland International. Redbone, Françoise Hardy, Tom Petty And Manfred Mann Sinpo 54444

FRS Holland Sunday March 31st Broadcast.

Dear FRS listeners,

Next week on Sunday March 31stthe day Summertime replaces Wintertime- FRS-Holland plans a broadcast.
The first one in 2019....
Expect our 'regular'  format: great music, much information (DX Show!) and various programme items.
More details in the course of next week!  Start will be at 08:00 UTC =10:00 CEST.
73s, have a good Sunday.

Peter Verbruggen (on behalf of the entire FRS crew)

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Jan( Radio Wadloper) Sad Passing Away.


I would like to inform you that Jan Radio Wadloper passed away yesterday.
Maybe you know it already because the message was posted already in different NL apps.
I do not know the details but I know that he had cancer.

Jan was active on MW with a powerful transmitter and high mast.

Info Thanks To Radio Zeewolf.

Saturday 23 March.

1620-6.05 Unid. Pop Music Sinpo 32333

1633-6.15 Radio Barcelona. Albert West And Tina York Sinpo 43333

1638-6.25 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

846-6.35 Radio North. Ray Charles" hit the road Jack", The Beach Boys" good vibrations" And Country Music Sinpo 44333

6280-7.32 Unid. David Bowie" starman" And Off Or Closed Down Sinpo 43333

5780-15.45 Radio Harmony. Nina Simone, Stan Keaton & His Orchestra And Sarah Vaughan Sinpo 54444.

5820-15.55 Radio Oz-Viola. Easy Listening Music Including Serge Gainsboung And Nicoletta Sinpo 43333

6386-16.05 Radio Zeewolf. Talking In Dutch/English, Sam Shaft, The Harmony Group And Utility Qrm Sinpo 53443

6330-16.20 Radio Lowland. Thanking  Various Listeners In Ianns Chat And The Police" message in a bottle" Sinpo 43433

6386-1625 Radio Zeewolf. Talking About This Part Of The Band Not  As Good As A Few Years Ago And Los Fernandos Sinpo 53443

6243-16.41 Misti Radio. Billy Swan" I can help" And Off Sinpo 33333

6280-16.46 Radio Mustang. Kim Wilde, Bronski Beat And Madness Sinpo 55444

6295-16.58 Radio Parade. Adam & The Ants" stand and deliver" And The Human League" don't you want me" Sinpo 34333

6290-17.13 Radio Ronalisa. Instrumental And Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

6240-18.00 Radio Casanova. Dutch Folk And Country Music Including Sir Douglas Quintet Sinpo 54444

6250-18.20 Radio Ac/Dc. Blue Oyster Cult, ZZ Top And Ac/ Dc Sinpo 44433

6280-18.38 Radio Mustang. Wildboyz And Ran-D" zombie" Sinpo 55444

1611-21.20 Radio Turftrekker. Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

1660-21.33 Radio Twentana. Johnny Cash And Dutch Music Sinpo 44433

1650-21.43 Radio Pieradio. Pussycat, Roxette And The Animals Sinpo 44344

1647-21.55 Radio Keizer En Keizerin. Dutch Music And I'd, Slight Whistle Sinpo 43433

Friday, March 22, 2019

1611-23.00 Radio Mustang. Alphaville, Fleetwood Mac And Snap Sinpo 44444

1655-23.12 Radio Vroliijke Mijnwreker. Dutch Music Sinpo 43444

1630-23.12 Unid. Dutch/ Polka Music Sinpo 33333

1640-23.35 Radio Uniek. Dutch Music And Boy George" everything I own" Sinpo 43433

Sunday, March 17, 2019

846-5.50 Radio North. Kelly Marie, Murray & Condon And Merle Haggard Sinpo 44333

6285-7.40 Radio Quintus. Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

6290-9.55 Radio Scotland International. Testing, Joe Tex, Clout And Kincade Sinpo 54444

6210-10.22 Unid.  Rock Music Including Be Bop Deluxe" life in the air age" Sinpo 33333

5780-11.00 Radio Harmony. Freddy Fender, Brenda Lee And Helen Forrest Sinpo 54444

6305-11.20 Radio Merlin International. Oldies Including Rick Astley And Paul Young Sinpo 33333

Saturday, March 16, 2019

846-6.58 Radio North. Country Music And Oldies Including Nancy / Frank Sinatra" something stupid" And BJ Thomas Sinpo 43333

1620-6.20 Unid. Dutch Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 32322

1633-6.30 Radio Barcelona. Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 33322. Occasional 33333

6295-1633 Mustang Radio. Ac/Dc, Inner Circle, Moved To 6286 @ 1640, Toto, Bette Milder And Survivor Sinpo 55444

6286-18.22 Mustang Radio. Sash!, Within Temption And Closing Down Sinpo 55444

1637-18.35 Radio Edelkampion. Steve Miller Band, Paul Carrick, The Eagles And Edison Lighthouse Sinpo 44433

1647-16.50 Unid. Dutch Music And Talking Sinpo 33333

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

1611-20.55 Radio Eldorado . Instrumental/Dutch Music And Id's Sinpo 44333

5825-21.05 Radio Oz-Viola( see comments). Jazz Music Including Eric Marienthal And Jack Grunsky Sinpo 43333

5810-21.15 Unid. Alison Moyet, Deacon blue, Human League And ABC Sinpo 44333

Monday, March 11, 2019

Traditional Eastern Contest: Pirate Hunt

I wanted to inform you about our traditional Eastern contest: Pirate Hunt

Yes! Pirate Hunt Comes Again! Traditional Eastern contest will be held 4th time during Easter 2019 (April 19th – April 21st).

We try to keep rules simple:

-log as many PIRATE stations as possible between April 19th 0000 UTC and April 21st 2359 UTC

-all bands are accepted but only stations without license are counted (no relays by legal stations) Stations with many names shall be counted only once.

-ID has to be heard or identification should be otherwise confirmed. QSL or recording is not necessary.

-post your full logs on forum (http://bbs.fmdx.tk/index.php?topic=478.0), FMDX.tk Facebook group or by e-mail staff @ radioaktiiviset.info, during or after the contest (but until May 21st, 2019)

-participating is free for anyone and all participants will receive a diploma later

-results will be published in end of May

Pongaa piraatti pääsiäisenä 2019 is organized by a local radio club Sisä-Suomen Radioaktiiviset (Radioactives of Middle Finland)

Like Our Page in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PirateHuntDX/

Everyone is warmly welcome!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

846-6.03 Radio North. Country/ Irish Music And Oldies Including The Monkeys, The Chiffon And Herb Albert Sinpo 44433

1638-6.23 Radio Edelkampion. Dutch Music Sinpo 44333

Saturday, March 9, 2019

1633-5.35 Radio Barcelona. Fleetwood Mac, CCR And Dutch Music Sinpo 44433

846-6.10 Radio North. Country Music And Oldies Including Glen Campbell And Elvis Presley Sinpo 44333

6290-15.24 Unid. Bits of Songs Including Cliff Richard/ The Young Ones" living doll" Sinpo 54444.

5800-15.35 Unid. Pink Floyd" coming back to life" Faded Out Not Long After Sinpo 44344

6286-17.05 Mustang Radio. Dance/ Trance Music Including Rollergirl And Technohead Sinpo 55444

Saturday, March 2, 2019

1638-5.30 Radio Bluebird. Polka And Dutch Music Sinpo 44444

1633-5.40 Radio Barcelona. Dutch Pop/ Folk Music And Oldies Including The Bryds And Peter Koelewijn Sinpo 43444

846-6.22 Radio North. Bonnie Tyler, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash And Jim Reaves Sinpo 44333

1690-6.50 Unid. Music And Talking. Weak Signal Sinpo 33233

981-7.02 Radio Star Country. Country Music Including Johnny Cash And Reba McEntire Sinpo 43433

6250-9.37 Radio Casanova. Michael Holm And Sandpipers Sinpo 44433. Moved To 6255 @ 9.45 Sinpo 44433

6270-15.30 Radio Focus International. Terry Phillips Program, Smash Mouth, Gilbert O'Sullivan And The Calling Sinpo 44344

6290-17.15 Mustang Radio. Eric Clapton, Albert Collins, Taj Mahal And Etta James Sinpo 55444

5802-17.35 Free Radio Victoria. Ozzy Osbourne, Ub40 And Cuby & The Buzzards Sinpo 43333

6320-18.50 Radio Joey. Dance Music Including Tokyo" rise" Sinpo 43443

Sunday, February 24, 2019

846-6.00 Radio North. Starship, Paul & Paula, Abba And The New Seekers Sinpo 44333

1613-6.17 Radio Tele Funken. Jean Michelle Jarre And Jim Reaves. Slnpo 33333

1640-6.30 Professor Sickbok. Instrumental Music Including Jean Michel Jarre" equinoxe" Sinpo 43443

5810-8.10 Radio 319. Radio Caroline Recordings. The Police And Climax Blues Band Sinpo 44333

6230-9.40 Radio Casanova. Dutch And German Music Sinpo 44344

6205-10.50 Laser Hot Hits. Eurythmics, Empire Of The Sun, Kate Bush And Rem Sinpo 54444

Saturday, February 23, 2019

1633-6.13 Radio Barcelona. Dutch Music Sinpo 44344

846-6.28 Radio North.  Starship, Bryan Adams And Dire Straits Sinpo 44343

981-6.42 Radio Star Country. Country Music Including Mary Chapin Carpenter" he thinks he'll keep her" Sinpo 44333

6205-11.30 Laser Hot Hits. Ian Lawrence Program. Pete Wyrlie, Imagination And Let Loose Sinpo 54444

6305-11.43 Radio Merlin International. Gerry Rafferty, The Beatles And Blonde Sinpo 43333

5780-12.00 Harmony Radio. Fred Astare, Glen Miller And Ethel Mehman Sinpo 54444

6295-15.05 Radio Telsa. Instrumental, French And Polka Music Sinpo 43333

6280-15.15 Radio Mustang. Toto, Inxs, Chris Isaak, CCR And Dolly Parton Sinpo 55444

6270-15.35 Radio Dolfijn. Cock Robin, Toto And Men At Work Sinpo 43333. Moved To 6280 Sinpo 43333

6220-16.48 Radio Casanova. Les Reed Orchestra" man of action" And Polka Music Sinpo 54444

6280-16.58 Radio Dolfijn. The Police, Nazareth And Ac/Dc Sinpo 44333

6290-17.12 Radio Fox 48. ZZ Top, " olay olay", Smokie And The Highway Men. Sinpo 43333

Monday, February 18, 2019

6375-17.25 Radio Discovery. Foo Fighters, Zatox And Michael Bolton Sinpo 43333

1635-17.35 Unid. Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 44333

1629-17.45 Unid. Polka Music Sinpo 33333

Monday, February 4, 2019

6270-14.55 Radio Focus International. Deep Purple, Black Star Raiders And Jon & Vangellis Sinpo 44333

Sunday, February 3, 2019

846-6.34 Radio North. Cliff Richard, Kenny Rodgers And The Bachelors Sinpo 43333

6210-9.15 Radio King Sw. Kincade" dreams are ten a penny" And David Gilmour" so far away" Sinpo 43333

6230-9.35 Radio Casanova. Sandpipers, Conny Vandenbos And Loretta Lynn Sinpo 54344

6385-9.55 Unid. Dutch Song And Faded Out Sinpo 33333

Saturday, February 2, 2019

1633-6.10 Radio Barcelona. Dutch/ Polka Music Sinpo 43444

846-6.25 Radio North. Country Music Including Lyndia Randle And Danielle Reddin Sinpo 43433

981-6.50 Radio Star Country. Country Music Including Dixie Chicks" some days you gotta dance"

1633-7.33 Unid. Ozzy Osbourne, The Supremes And Gerry Rafferty Sinpo 43333

6210-9.45 Radio King Sw. Bruce Hornsby And The Range, The Cars, CCR And Cat Stevens Sinpo 44333

6230-10.25 Radio Casanova. Juice Newton" queen of hearts" I'd Jingles, Jim Reaves" he have to go" And Dutch Music Sinpo 44344

6300-10.42 Radio NMD. Instrumental Track Sinpo 43333

6300-15.18 Radio Fox 48. " like a prayer" And " careless whisper" Sinpo 33333

6270-15.28 Radio Focus International. Doris Day, The Troggs And Ian Druy Sinpo 44344

Sunday, January 27, 2019

846-6.15 Radio North. The Fortunes, Elkie Brooks And Gerry & The Pacemakers Sinpo 44333

1620-6.25 Unid. Dutch Music. Weak Signal Sinpo 33233

981-6.35 Radio Star Country. Country Music Including Gareth Brooks" the dance. Sinpo 34333

6210-9.20 Radio King Sw. Don Henley, Bruce Hornsby And Demian Sinpo 43333

Saturday, January 26, 2019

1645-17.05 Radio Pontiac. Polka Music And Talking Sinpo 54444

1625-17.18 Radio Uniek . Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

Sunday, January 20, 2019

1622-6.15 Radio Bootsman. Dutch Music Sinpo 44333

846-6 25 Radio North. Fats Domino, Christian St Peters And Jim Reaves Sinpo 43433

981-6.35 Radio Star Country. Trisha Yearwood" how do I live" And Hal Ketchum" some place far away" Sinpo 43333

1638- 7.08 Unid. Juice Newton" queen of hearts", Bonnie St Clair" locomotion" And Qso Report Sinpo 44444

1620-7.18 Unid. Talking In Dutch  And CCR" proud mary" Sinpo 43333

1629-7.26 Unid. Free Electric Band And The Mavericks" all you ever do is bring me down. Mentioned Radio Skywire Sinpo 44333

6210-9.14 Radio King Sw. Dire Straits, Seth Lakeland And Prince Buster Sinpo 43333

6120-10.33 Radio Scotland International  Status Quo, Deep Purple And The Editors Sinpo 55444

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

1638-21.25 Ross AM. Rod Stewart, Simon & Garfunkel And Rammstein Sinpo 44344

1625-21.35 Radio Bluebird. The Blue Diamonds, The Beatles And The Les Reed Orchestra Sinpo 44344

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

1653-21.18 Radio Yogi & Einstein. Roger Miller, Paul Simon, The Bellemy Brothers And CD. Sinpo 44433

1636-21.30 Unid. Instrumental/ Polka Music Sinpo 34333

1625-21.40 Radio Marianne. Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 44344

1654-21.50 Unid. Alma Cogan, John Fogerty And Stan Ridgeway Sinpo 44334

Sunday, January 13, 2019

1629-6.10 Radio Barcelona( presumed). Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

846-6.30 Radio North. Showaddywaddy, Simon And Garfunkel And Boney M Sinpo 43333

1635-6.54 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 34333

981-7.15 Radio Star Country. Country Music Sinpo 33333

6210-9.18 Radio King Sw. Fish, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Small Faces And Chris Rea Sinpo 44333

5900-9.33 Radio 319. Radio Luxembourg Recordings . Freddie Mercury And Genesis Sinpo 43433

5810-9.50 Unid. Lonestar, Avril Lavigne And Wheatus. Noisy Frequency Sinpo 43233

6450-10.02 Radio Readymix. Heavy Rock And Utility Qrm Sinpo 42333

6305-10.40 Radio Merlin International. Queen, Deep Purple And Saxon Sinpo 43433

Saturday, January 12, 2019

1629-6.10 Radio Barcelona. Dutch Music And Talking Sinpo 44333

846-6.43 Radio North. Susan McCann, Elkie Brooks And Goombay Dance Band. Sinpo 43333

6210-9.10 Radio King Sw. REM, Redbone And James Sinpo 44333

6850-9.35 Blue Moon Radio. Terry Jacks, Bill Withers, Carly Simon And Sad Cafe Sinpo 43433

6260-14.08 Blue Moon Radio. Roxy Music, Alice Cooper And Mott The Hopple Sinpo 43333. Audio Sounding Rough. Was Ok On 6850 This Morning.

6256-14.30 Radio Zwarte Panther. Dutch Music Sinpo 44344

Sunday, January 6, 2019

1629-6.28 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

846-6.40 Radio North. The Chiffon, The Outlaws And The Monkeys Sinpo 43433

1620-7.02 Radio Blauwe Panther( tent). Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

981-7.10 Radio Star Country. Country Music Including Marty Robbins" el paso". Co-Channel Fading Sinpo 43333

1629-7.28 Radio Bootsman. Dutch Music Including Jenny Bey. Sinpo 44344

6210-9.10 Radio King Sw. Human League, Hole, The Marbles And Steve Perry Sinpo 43433

6305-9.35 Radio Merlin International. Keith West, Canned Heat, The Trinity And The Animals Sinpo 44433

6450-10.02 Radio Readymix. Rock Music Including Speed Limit( 2 songs) Sinpo 43433

6285-10.30 Radio Readymix Via Relay?. Motorhead, Rose Tatoo And Ram Jam Sinpo 43333

6120-10.40 Radio Scotland International. Rolling Stones, Peter Orloff And Steely Dan Sinpo 55444

6295-10.55 Radio Northpole. Instrumental, Pop And Polka Music Including Koto" mind machine" Sinpo 43333

6270-11.25 Radio Dolfijn. Smokie, Dr Hook And Charlie Rich Sinpo 44333

1620-18.30 Unid. Dutch Music And Jim Reaves" I love you because". Over Modulated Signal Sinpo 44433

1640-18.45 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

Saturday, January 5, 2019

1629-6.05 Radio Barcelona. Dutch Music And I'd In Dutch Sinpo 44344

846-6.15 Radio North. Dominic Kerwin, The Saw Doctors And Helen McCaffery Sinpo 43444

1620-6.25 Radio Rietvink( tent). Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

1660-6.45 Unid. Just About Hear Some Music Sinpo 22322

981-6.55 Radio Star Country. Lonestar" maybe amazed" And Randy Travis" on the other hand". Sinpo 43433

6210-8.35 Radio King Sw. Simple Minds Song's " in dreams", " magic" And " sence of discovery" Sinpo 43433

5900-8.58 Radio 319. Tom Odell, Temples And They Might Be Giants Sinpo 44433

9510-9.15 Radio City. Harper's bazaar, Roy Orbison And The Bryds Sinpo 54444

6210-9.30 Radio King Sw. Bob Dylan And The Duckworth Lewis Method Sinpo 43333

6270-11.10 Radio Dolfijn. Queen(2 songs), Nazareth And Ac/Dc Sinpo 43333

5825-11.25 Zenith Classic Rock. Crosby Stills And Nash, Lynyrd Skynyrd And George Harrison Sinpo 54444

6205-11.41 Laser Hot Hits. Fleetwood Mac, Gibson Brothers And Eric Clapton Sinpo 54444

6285-11.55 Radio NMD. Dutch/ Polka Music, Rocky Sharp & The Replays And Guy Mitchell Sinpo 44344

1620-17.10 Radio Edelkampion. The Classics, George Baker Selection, Bzn And Saying Hello To David And Lisa In The UK Amongst Others Sinpo 44344 Most Of Time.

1620-18.50 Radio Edelkampion. CCR, U2 And The Walkers Sinpo 54444

1629-19.00 Radio Twentana. Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

1645-19.10 Unid. Dutch Music Including Die Windows" how do you do" Sinpo 44333

Friday, January 4, 2019

1611-21.10 Unid. Dutch Country/Folk Music Sinpo 44333

1628-21.20 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 43433

1638-21.30 Radio Odynn. Earth & Fire, Tina Turner And Cheap Trick Sinpo 43333

1653-21.45 Radio Pandora. Dutch/Polka Music And Alphaville" forever young" Sinpo 44344

1625-21.55 Unid . Dutch Music Sinpo 44344

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

6210-9.30 Radio King Sw. Black Of Doom, Blur And Bob Dylan Sinpo 43333

6305-9.42 Radio Merlin International. The Eagles, The Penguins And Patsy Claine Sinpo 43333

6190-10.15 Radio Technical Man. Jona Lowa" stop the Calvary", Talking In Dutch And Andres Berg Sinpo 54444

5810-11.22 Unid Relaying Energy AM Cliff Richard, Odessy, Stacey Lattisaw And I'd Jingles Sinpo 54444.
Also On 7705, But No Reception Here. Live Program.

5970-12.32 Studio 52 Via Relay. Chicory Tip, Dutch Music And Booker T & The Mg's Sinpo 54444