Pirates For Peace

Sunday, November 24, 2019

1642-5.45 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

1617-5.57 Radio Noordster. Polka/ Dutch Music And Id's Sinpo 43444

846-6.20 Radio North. The Shadows, Paul Simon, Marty Stuart Sinpo 44333

1655-6.30 The Ghoul( tent).  Talking And Dj Sammy" sunlight" Heard On A Rare Fair Peak Sinpo 32333

981-7.10 Radio Star Country. Martina McBride, Billy Ray Cyrus And Eddie Rabbit Sinpo 43433

1629-7.00 Radio Turftrekker. Bonnie St Clair And Unit Gloria, Dutch Music Sinpo 43444

1616-7.25 Mike Radio. Talking In Dutch, Johnny & The Hurricanes, Booker T And The Mg's And Off Sinpo 43444

6210-8.10 Unid. Radio Caroline North Program. Flash In The Pan" waiting on a train" And The Ritchie Family Sinpo 44333

6290-10.00 Radio Ronalisa. The Power Station, Tears For Fears And John Fogerty Sinpo 43333

6270-10.10 Radio Zendpiraat( see comments). Schlager Music And I'd Jingles Sinpo 32333

6260-10.20 Radio Saturnus. Duane Eddy, Earth & Fire, Ram Jam Sinpo 44333

6290-10.40 Radio Zeewolf. Talking In English And Dutch, Dutch Music Sinpo 43433

5884-10.52 Radio 319 With Radio Veronica Recording. Georgia Fame & The Blue Notes And Genesis Sinpo 44433


Castor Fiber said...

6270 24.11 1004 Zendpiraat with English ID. Reports to: Zendpiraat@gmx.net 2/2

Castor Fiber said...

6260 24.11 1025 Radio Saturnus, NL 2/2
6290 24.11 1040 "Radio Zeeloop",NL? 3/3

Irish Paul said...

Hi Caster,
Many thanks for Info.
6290 was Radio Zeewolf from Nl.