Pirates For Peace

Friday, May 19, 2017

6267-18.40 Radio Mustang  New Order, Black Sabbath, Dave Edmonds And Kim Wilde Sinpo 54444

6220-17.50 Laser Hot Hits Strawberry Switchblade, Billy Idol, The Colourfield And Smokey Robinson Sinpo 54444

6290-18.50 Unid Focus"sylvia", Dutch Music And Talking. To Weak To Catch Id Sinpo 33232

5800-20.05 Radio 319 Nena, Tracy Ullman And ELO Sinpo 34333

6205(usb)-20.05 Radio Baraquda Disco Music Including Shalmar And George Benson Sinpo 43333


Anonymous said...

The 5 first tips (Mustang to Baraquda) are in accordance with Friday the 19th.

The following 8 tips are just copies from Saturday the 20th (from 17:20 to 1955)

Hard time to untangle that !


BTW, 6290 Unid at 18:50 was probably Panda R. (IDs at 19:25 and 19:40)

Irish Paul said...

H Ray,
You are correct.
I have now sorted out my mistake.
many thanks for your help and thanks for visiting my blog.