Pirates For Peace

Saturday, September 29, 2018

1633-5.10 Unid. Dutch Music Sinpo 44333

846-5.25 Radio North. Isla Grant, Brad Paisley And Brain Coll. Sinpo 43433

981-5.40 Radio Star Country. Don Gibson, Martina McBride Loretta Lynn Sinpo 43433

6210-6.40 Radio King Sw. Paul Simon Music Including " one's man's ceiling is another man's floor" And " love" Sinpo 44333

6380-7.40 Radio 319. Oldies Including The Beatles" love me do" Sinpo 43443

6210-8.10 Radio King Sw. Small Faces" hey girl", I'd jingle And The Doors" ships w/ sails" Sinpo 43333

5780-9.55 Zenith Classic Rock. Porcupine Tree, CCR And Jefferson Starship Sinpo 44344

6305-11.00 Radio Merlin International. Nirvana" smells like teen spirit". Weak Signal Sinpo 33233

6205-13.33 Laser Hot Hits. Lindsay Buckingham, Sonia And Don Johnson Sinpo 43444

6305-14.50 Radio Merlin International. D-Ream" things can only get better" And Cornershop" brim full of ashes" Sinpo 43333

6245-15.10 Radio Casanova. Dutch Music And Oldies Including Nicole And Middle Of The Road Sinpo 44344

6317-15.30 Bogusman. Scarlett Fantastic, Mercury Rev, Death Cab For Cutie And Interpol Sinpo 43444

6275-15.45 Unid. Adele, Albert Hammond And Anastasia Sinpo 34333

5826-15.55 Blue Moon Radio. Alice Cooper, Mott The Hopple And Elton John Sinpo 43333

6393-16.15 Radio Pandora. Chat And Oldies Including Fleetwood Mac" shake your money" Sinpo 44333

6263-16.55 Radio Black Arrow. Inxs, Blonde, ELO And Roald Velden Sinpo 54444

6376-17.20 Radio Zeewolf. Dance Music. Said He Might Be Back On Later. Whistle From Carrier On 6275 Sinpo 53443

6305-17.25 Radio Merlin International. Al Stewart And Ian Druy & The Blockheads Sinpo 44333

6290-17.40 Radio Panda( tent) Lil Hardin Armstrong And Her Orchestra Sinpo 33433

6385-17.55 Radio 319. Richard Hawley, Peter Cornelius And The Beach Boys Sinpo 43444

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