Pirates For Peace

Monday, July 8, 2019

6205-18.25 Laser Hot Hits. Hot Chocolate, Meduza And Avieii Sinpo 44344

6230-18.35 Coast Fm. Colourfieid, Sonia And Stephen Duffy Sinpo 43444

6705-18.58 Unid( see comments). Robert Palmer" Johnny and Mary" And Ed Sheeran" sing" Sinpo 33333

7725-19.35 Zeppelin Radio. Instrumental And Greek Music Sinpo 33333

6705-19.48 Unid( see comments). Them, The Impressions, Elvis Presley And Roxette Sinpo 43333

5140-20.58 Charleston Radio. I'd Jingles And Old Time Music Including Gene Kandos And His Orchestra" Freddy the freshman" Sinpo 33433

6300-20.08 Unid. David Guetta, Mariah Carey And Rihanna Sinpo 44333


uk dxer said...

Hi Paul, 6705 wasn't Blue Moon according to a message from the station to a DXer on the HF Underground forum: "Hi Dan, I’m afraid the station you heard was not BlueMoon Radio. We have never operated on that frequency and are currently using 6850khz."

So 6705 remains a mystery.

Irish Paul said...

Hi Paul,
Many thanks for letting me know.
I have now corrected my mistake.