Pirates For Peace

Saturday, April 4, 2020

1644-4.45 Radio Rietvink. Dutch/Polka  Music Sinpo 43433

846-4.55 Radio North. Katie Melua, Susan McCann, The Searchers Sinpo 44333

1494-5.05 Coast Fm. Kelly Clarkson, Billie Eilish, Tears For Fears Sinpo 44333

981-6.25 Radio Star Country. The Hollies, Ceilie Music, Roger Whitaker And Fleetwood Mac Sinpo 43333

5790-7.28 Radio 319 With Radio Veronica Recording. Tommy James & The Shondells, Jimmy Justice Sinpo 44433

6210-7.42 Radio King Sw  After The Fire Music Including" love will always make me cry", " starlight" And " der kommissar" Sinpo 44333

6321-14.56 XTC. The Wombats, Bon Iver, Pavement And Tame Impala Sinpo 43333

6380-15.23 Radio 319 With Radio Veronica Recording. Manfred Manns Earthband" lies" Sinpo 43433

6305-15.37 Radio Merlin International. Tornadoes" telestar" And Old Recordings Sinpo 33333

6262-17.07 Unid. The Who, Christie, The Moody Blues, Sinpo 44333

1494-17.18 Coast Fm. Ini Kamoze, Bon Jovi, Bonnie Tyler Sinpo 43433

6870-17.55 Radio Europe. Fleetwood Mac" family man". Opera, And I'd Jingle Sinpo 43433

6380-20.48 Radio 319 Relaying United Djs. OC Smith And Soundtrack Wonder Band Sinpo 44344

6290--20.58 Cupid Radio. Lynaryd Skynrd, Heart And Mike Oldfield Sinpo 54444

6280--21.08 Mustang Radio(tent). Kiss, Anouk, Meredith Brooks Sinpo 54444

1670-21.18 Radio Digital. Emmylou Harris, Racey, Sister Sledge, George McCrea Sinpo 54444

1617-21.28 Radio Blauwe Koe. Camouflage, Manuela, Petra Sinpo 54444

6262-21.38 Unid. Dutch Song And Faded Out Sinpo 44333

1647-21.43 Keizer En Keizerin( presumed). Polka Music Sinpo 43444

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