Pirates For Peace

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

6210-17.43 Unid. Stevie Wonder, Fats Domino,  Sinėad O'connor Sinpo 44433

6230-17.53 Radio Tidelwave. ELO, George McCrae, Madonna Sinpo 54444

4900-18.03 Mike Radio( presumed). Robbie Williams, Dutch Music, Zager And Evans Sinpo 54444

6305-18.15 Radio Merlin International. Prodigy, Chicane Sinpo 33433

6290-18.32 Radio Nord. Pink Floyd, Booker T And The Mg'S, Golden Earring Sinpo 54444

6275-18.43 Radio Ronalisa. Sabrina, Johnny And The Hurricanes, Ids, Status Quo Sinpo 33433

6295-18.57 Radio Johnny Tobacco. Eddie Meduza Music Sinpo 54444

5140-19.15 Charlestown Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 34333

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