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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Sw/Mw Logs

1620-4.52 Unid. Peter Albada, Het Issel Duo Sinpo 43444

1637-5.09 Unid. Polka Music And Cd Sinpo 33322

1646-5.16 Unid. Dutch Music Including Het Radi Ensemble Sinpo 43433

846-5.32 Radio North. Dixie Chicks, Gareth Brooks Sinpo 43333

981-5.45 Radio Star Country. Country Music Sinpo 33333

5140-6.00 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 33333

1630-6.13 Unid. George Baker, Dana Winner Sinpo 33433

3905-7.55 Radio Sovereign. Radio Fax Program Sinpo 43333

6291-15.28 XTC. Electric Six, The Smiths, Flight Of Conchordes, Imagine Dragons Sinpo 44444

6210-15.40 Radio King Sw. Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton, The Everly Brothers, The Freeman Sinpo 43433

3905-15.55 Radio Sovereign. The Rockin Berries, Little Anthony, Christy Moore Sinpo 44333

6270-16.05 Radio Polkawelle. Polka Music Sinpo 33333

6185-16.15 Radio Piepzender( Presumed). Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6260-16.25 Radio Parade International. Jackson Five, The Elgins, T-Rex, Dave Edmonds Sinpo 44444

5120-16.38 Mike Radio. Beatles, Frank Boeijer Group, The Doors, Steve Miller Band Sinpo 55444

3940-16.48 Ros Am. Dusty Torez" your women", CD Sinpo 44433

5140-16.51 Charlestown Radio. Old Time Music Including Phil Spitalny's Music And Paul Small Sinpo 44333

6965-17.02 Radio Parade International. Cher, The Rolling Stones Sinpo 44444

6330-17.15 Radio Monique. Kate Bush, Talking Heads, Shocking Blue Jeans Sinpo 54444

6205-17 25 Radio Blackstone. Fancy, Fun Fun Sinpo 44433

5780-17.35 Harmony Radio. Dean Martin, Linda Eder, Eddie Ficher Sinpo 44433

6380-17.45 Radio Joey. Dutch Music Sinpo 43444

6273-17.55 Radio Cuckoo. Catatonia, Marina And The Diamonds, Feeder, Manic Street Preachers Sinpo 54444

6210-18.15 Technical Man. André Hazer Music And Ids Sinpo 54544

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