Pirates For Peace

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Sw/Mw Logs

6130-8.10 Radio Casanova. Status Quo, Kinks, Chris Andrews Sinpo 34333

6285-8.35 Coast Fm. M People, Tate McRae, The Weekend Sinpo 54444

1440-8.57 Energy Power Am. Denise Williams, Heaven 17, Stevie Nicks Sinpo 43333

6985-17.50 The Vault  Santana, The Passions, Kenny Loggins Sinpo 43433

5800-18.06 Mike Radio. The Ventures, Cliff Nobles, Madness Sinpo 54444

6375-18.53 Radio Rob. Sia, Talking, Thomas Godd, CD Sinpo 34433

6985-19.04 The Vault  The Pasadenas, REM Sinpo 43433

6238-19.48 Radio Akenzo. Los Bravos, Greetings, The Bellamy Brothers, Nadieh Sinpo 43444

1670-19.58  Digital AM . Gerry And The Pacemakers, Skeeter Davis, Led Zeppelin Sinpo 43333

1629-20.10 Radio Bluebird. Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 43333


Anonymous said...

Paul, maybe not R Digitaal, but Digitaal AM. The voices are differ., so most probably not the same stn w/ slightly differ. IDs. Carlos in Portugal.

Anonymous said...

Sry., I meant the Du. stn on 1700 obs'ed at 2047 UT - this one's ID was indeed Digitaal AM. My apologies.

Irish Paul said...

Hi Carlos.
Many thanks I have now corrected it to Digital Am.