Pirates For Peace

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Sw/Mw Logs

5880-5.48 Radio Rock Revolution. Jackson Browne, Sam Fender, Tears For Fears Sinpo 44333

5140-6.08 Charleston Radio. Music From 30's And 40's Sinpo 33333

6925-18.36 Radio Pandora. Aretha Franklin, Promo For Achims Website, Racing Cars, Scarlet Fantastic Sinpo 44333

6264-18.50 Radio Joey. Spandau Ballet, The Dobbie Brothers, Howard Jones Sinpo 44333

6280-19.05 Panda Radio. Earth & Fire, Eartha Kitt, Elmore James Sinpo 33333

6925-19 57 Radio Pandora. ELO, Jilted John, The Imperials Sinpo 44433

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