Pirates For Peace

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Sw/ Mw Logs

6120-8.14 Radio Casanova. The Equals, Herman Lippinkhof, George Baker Selection Sinpo 44333

6130-8.45 Radio Jong Europe. The Mircales, Cliff Richard, Ids Sinpo 44433

6270-9.00 Radio Lowland. Guns And Roses, Owen Paul Sinpo 33333

6305-9.18 Image Radio. Dance Track, Massive Attack, Charles And Eddie Sinpo 33333

6210-17.55 Radio King Sw. Andy Fairweather Low, Atomic Rooster Sinpo 34333

6185-18.10 Radio Classic Sunday Via Piepzender. Andrew Gold, The Guess Who Sinpo 54444

5800-18.23 Radio Akenzo. The Classics, Rein Devires, Ugly Joe Kid Sinpo 44444

6210-18.35 Radio King Sw. Billy Joel, She's every woman", CD Sinpo 44333

6130-18.45 Radio Jong Europe. Freemasons, Martha Reeves And The Vandellas, Monaco Sinpo 54444

3940-19.00 FRS Holland. Mike Tyler, Level 42, Elton John, Depeche Mode Songs 43433

5790-19.15 FRS Holland. Lotus Eaters, Bananarama Sinpo 54444

5800-19.25 Radio Akenzo. Blondie, Roots Syndicate, Rod McKuen Sinpo 44444

3905-19.43 Radio Batavia. Buggles, Duane Eddy, Herb Albert Sinpo 44433

5790-20.00 FRS Holland. Peter Verbruggen. Chris Clark, Jackie Trent, Bob Lind Sinpo 54444

1695-20.10 Digital. Paul Young, Guns And Roses, Bruce Springsteen, Frankie Yankovic And His Yanks, CD Sinpo 44444

1655-20.30 Radio Kristal. Dutch Music Including The Sunstreams Sinpo 44333

1629-20.40 Radio Blauwe Koe. Audrey Landers, Normaal Sinpo 44333

6305-21.00 Radio Anthony. Dutch Music Including Heino"Rasamunde" Sinpo 34433

5800-21.18 Radio Akenzo. Guns And Roses, Dutch Music/ Talk Sinpo 44433

6070-21.29 Bogusman. The Stranglers, The Bell Rays, Dr Feelgood, Deep Purple Sinpo 54444

5790-21.40 FRS Holland. Mike Tyler, Gary Byrd And The GB Experience, Heaven 17 Sinpo 54444

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