Pirates For Peace

Monday, November 14, 2022

Sw/Mw Logs

1630-18.43 Unid. A" here we go again, CD Sinpo 44433

1655-18.47 Ros Am. Fr David, Billy Joel, Bee Gees, Co-Channel Qrm From Nearby Carrier Sinpo 43443

1640-19.00 Radio Arianna. Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

1632-19.12 Unid. Laidback" sunshine reggae", Off Sinpo 44433

1647-19.43 Radio Oldtimer. Dutch/ Polka Music Including Jan And Wouter Sinpo 44444

1665-19.54 Radio Armada. The Tornados, The Ventures, The Drifters Sinpo 34433

1629-20.05 Radio Spakenburg. Starship Orchestra And Singers, Raphael Jij, Graham Bird Sinpo 54444

1655-20.16 Ros Am. The Bryds, Chris Andrews, Blondie, Chuck Berry, Co-Channel Qrm From Nearby Carrier Sinpo 53443

1673-21.14 Radio Digital. Talking, Polka Music, Off Sinpo 54444

1635-21.18 Radio Pandora. Eddie Ashley And His Orchestra, Leroy Anderson, Dutch Track, Procal Harum Sinpo 54444

1625-21.28 Unid. Jean Michel Jarre, Duane Eddy, Roxy Music, Kate Bush Sinpo 54444

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