Pirates For Peace

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Sw/Mw Logs 15/01/23

1611-6.02 Radio Noordstar. Ria Valk, Talking, Hupperts And Schriebl Sinpo 44344

648-6.15 Radio Caroline. The Congregation, The Supremes, Electronic Sinpo 54444

1647-7.07 Unid. Polka Music, Qso Report Sinpo 44433

1611-7.13 Radio Noordstar. Qso Report Sinpo 44333

5140-7.18 Charleston Radio. Old Time Music Sinpo 34333

6130-7.45 Radio Jong Europe. Dance Track, Jonah Jones, Earth Wind And Fire Sinpo 54444

6210-8.00 Radio Caroline North Via King Sw?. Pilot, The Look, Jeff Beck, Andy Fairweather Low Sinpo 44433

1440-8.55 Energy Power Am. The Beat, Yvonne Elleman, Heart, Whitney Houston Sinpo 44344

6260-9.12 Radio Thunderbird. The Shadows, Talking, I'd Jingle, Pop Music Sinpo 33333

7520-9.35 Good Time Music Radio. Visage, Ids, Greg Khan Band Sinpo 34433

5880-9 55 Radio Rock Revolution. Little Steven, Id Jingle, Van Dij Hout, Box Scaggs Sinpo 34333

5840-10.42 Continental Radio. ZZ Top, Motors, CD Sinpo 44444

5800-10.50 Radio Akenzo. Talking, Polka/ Dutch Music Sinpo 33333

6300-11.00 Unid. Kannie Walkers, The Everly Brothers, Smokie Sinpo 44444

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