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Friday, March 17, 2023

SW/MW Logs 17/03/23

6295-10.53 Premier Radio. Thin Lizzy" whisky in the jar", " the boys are back in town", CD Sinpo 34433

6275-11.04 Radio Cuckoo. Crackin Craic, Lúnasa, Damian Dempsey, Mary Black, CD Sinpo 44433

1440-11.22 Energy Power Am. Horslips, Johnny Logan, Phil Lynot, Paul Brady Sinpo 44444

6295-15.52 Premier Radio. Bagatelle, Christy Digman, Radio Dublin Jingle, Promo For Anoraks UK( Tony Allen), Thin Lizzy Sinpo 44444

1440-16.40 Energy Power Am. Bruce Springsteen, Simon And Garfunkel, The Beatles Sinpo 44444

6270-17.05 Radio Deltracks. Tubeway Army, Limp Bizkit, Odyssey Sinpo 44433

6380-17.40 Radio Joey. Dance Music Including Sonic Surfers" don't give up" Sinpo 44444

6285-17.50 Radio Cuckoo. Dolores Keane, The Bothy Band, Sean Keane Sinpo 54444

7700-18.04 Unid With Charity Radio Recording. Moving Hearts, Long Chat Sinpo 55544.

6300-18.15 Radio Johnny Tobacco( Presumed). Keith Whitly, The Four Lads, George Jones Sinpo 54444

5800-18.25 Continental Radio. Quintus, James Last, The Switch Combo Sinpo 44444

6280-18.49 Radio Cuckoo. Damien Dempsey, Mary Black, CD Sinpo 54444

1645-19.00 Unid. Music From Marty Robbins Sinpo 34433

1638-19.10 Radio Boogschutter. Dutch Music Including D Lenco's Sinpo 33433

6285-19.20 Radio Avia. Stone Roses, Sailor, Roger Powell Sinpo 34433

6295-19.55 Radio Fox 48. Dance Music Mix Including  Technotronic, Corona Sinpo 34433

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Anonymous said...

Mistaking St Patrick's date, so early ?