Pirates For Peace

Friday, September 1, 2023

SW/MW Logs 01/09/22

1630-4.10 Radio Viliegende Hollander. Dutch/ Polka Music, The Shadows Sinpo 44433

648-4.22 Radio Caroline. The Gaslight Anthem, Eric Clapton, Coldplay Sinpo 44433

6290-17.54 Voice Of The Netherlands. Killing Joke, China Crisis, The Stranglers, The Mighty Wah Sinpo 54444

1620-19.08 Radio King Kong. Polka Music Sinpo 34333

5880-19.18 Radio Rock Revolution. The Awakening, Bruce Springsteen Sinpo 34433

1655-19.40 Radio Kristal. Wim Van Gennip And The De Heikrekels, Maywood Sinpo 34433.

1629-19.50 Unid. Frankie Valli, Bruce Springsteen, Rose Maddox Sinpo 44444

1638-20.03 Radio Spakenburg. The Black Devils, Talking, Wencke Myhre Sinpo 44444

6300-20.18 Radio Johnny Tobacco. Anne Mattala, Johnny Bond And His Red Valley Boys, Ids, Perry Como Sinpo 55444


Anonymous said...

Are those logs really for 11/08/22 ?

Irish Paul said...

It has now been corrected.
These early mornings must be getting to me.

Anonymous said...

Caroline on 648 is licensed.