Pirates For Peace

Thursday, February 29, 2024

SW/MW Logs 29/02/24

1670-17.25 Radio Digital. The Fortunes, Sybiel And Wie, Barry Sadler Sinpo 44433

1621-17.35 Radio Experience.  Barbara Major, Beastie Boys, Martin Lauer Sinpo 34433

1636-17.45 Radio Elgan Risico. Grant Kozera And Noitkamper, Koos Alberts Sinpo 34433

6295-17.55 Radio Dutchwing Via Mexico. Dutch Music, Talking, Pan Pipes Music Sinpo 54444

1512-18.05 Mike Radio. New Seekers, The Cats, Patricia Paay Sinpo 44433

6930-18.15 Radio Dolfijn. Music From The Cats Sinpo 34433

1629-18.32 Radio Twentana. Dutch Music Including Het Radi Ensemble Sinpo 34433

1647-18.50 Radio Luka. Dutch Music, Little Richard,  John Spears, REM Sinpo 34433

1621-20.02 Radio Turftrekker. Buddy Holly, Anna Lena, The New Four Sinpo 44444

1660-20.13 Studio 19. Dutch Music, Four Seasons, Trans X Sinpo 34433

1633-20.24 Radio Marskramer.  Dutch Music Including De Four Tak. Sinpo 54444

6295-20.35 Radio 60 Via Mexico. Dutch Music, Fancy Sinpo 54444

6285-20.49 Skull And Bones Radio System. Abba Songs, Id/ Contact Details, Horse Free, CD@21.06 Sinpo 54444

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