Pirates For Peace

Sunday, March 3, 2024

SW/MW Logs 03/02/24

6290-7.20 Weekend Music Radio. Teach In, Mouth And MacNeil, Diesel Sinpo 55444

5880-7.30 Radio Rock Revolution. Snow Patrol, The Troggs With REM, Thunderclap Newman Sinpo 34433

6110-7.41 Radio Delta. Talking Heads, Eric Clapton Sinpo 54444

6210-7.52 Radio King Sw. Joan Osborne, Arcade Fire, Illuminae Sinpo 34433

6300-8.04 Radio East Coast Holland. The Waterboys, Hawkwind Sinpo 44433

6275-9.12 Radio Scotland International. Koto, Chantays Sinpo 44444

5840-9.24 Conti/ Kenzo Radio. Nunca, BZN, Ids, Rob De Nijs Sinpo 34433

6290-9.35 Weekend Music Radio. Earth And Fire, Journey, Talking About Radio North, Weather Report Sinpo 54444

12030-9.48 Radio Delta. Jeff Buckley, A Short Story About The Hollies" listen to me". The Hollies Sinpo 54444

6260-12.32 Unid. Lyn Anderson, Skeeter Davis, Valley Of Wolves Sinpo 34333

6290-12.44 Weekend Music Radio. Recording Of Radio Bucharest DX Show, Boys Town Gang Sinpo 54444

5840-16.58 Conti/ Kenzo Radio. Dutch Music Including Sistje Scheringa Sinpo 44444

6290-17.08 Weekend Music Radio. Roy Orbison, End Of Program Sinpo 54444

1638-18.08 Unid. Polka/ Dutch Music Including Zusjes De Roo Sinpo 44433

1618-18.18 Radio Elgan Risico. Polka Music, Talking, CD Sinpo 34333

5880-18.28 Radio Rock Revolution. Radiohead, The Doors Sinpo 44444

1620-21.35 Radio Delfzijl. Polka Music Sinpo 44444

1665-21.45 Radio Technical Man. Mark Morrison, Gerry Van Houbert, Die Mayhofer Sinpo 44444

1670-21.55 Unid. Within Temptation, Live Sinpo 44433

1629-22.05 Unid. Funk Sinatra, Instrumental Track, Orchester Tommy Wells Sinpo 44444

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