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Saturday, June 19, 2010

shortwave logs 19/06/10

3940-6.50 laser hot hits playing a novelty record"captain beaker and his hit band" good signal sinpo 44344

6310-7.00 radio altrex playing a instrumental version of"el condor pass" fair signal with the occasional fade sinpo 43333

9515-8.04 radio city playing loving spoonful good signal sinpo 44344

6300-8.12 radio paardenkracht playing slade"far far away" fair signal at times, but a lot of fading sinpo 43323

5820-8.55 orion radio with a weak signal playing instrumental music sinpo 32122

6400-16.25 unid on again this evening with laser 558 recordings. Playing kool and the gang and yazoo fair to good signal sinpo 44343 also heard on 6310@19.35 playing david bowie good signal sinpo 44344

6310-16.30 unid playing polka music fair signal, but quite noisy sinpo 33233

6220-18.05 mystery radio playing lipps inc."funky town good signal sinpo 44344

6325-1920 radio mustang playing dutch music and credence clearwater rivial strong signal sinpo 54444

6400-19.45 radio waldmeister playing rock music including kiss fair signal sinpo 43233. first time to hear this station

5815-19.55 radio telestar south playing the beach boys fair to good signal sinpo 43433

6915-20.10 overijssel radio talking in dutch and playing dutch music fair signal sinpo 43333

6260-20.22 free radio victoria  with a fair signal sinpo 43233 improved later@21.00 playing exile"kiss you all over" and bonnie tyler"total eclipse of the heart" sinpo 44344

3900-21.30 radio underground playing pop music weak and noisy signal sinpo 32122 heard later@22.15 playing the loving spoonful. Said he was using 18 watts fair signal sinpo 43233

3905-21.45 polaris radio playing rock music fair signal ,also some noise sinpo 43233
in parallel with 6291 heard@22.40 playing new order and madonna good signal sinpo 43444

6425-22.00 radio marconi playing creedence clearwater rival fair but noisy signal sinpo 33233

6304-22.55 radio altrex playing instrumental rock music fair signal sinpo 43233


Anonymous said...

Are Laser using both 3910 and 3940 ?

Irish Paul said...

hi sorry my mistake. that should have been 3940 not 3910

73's paul

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul.