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Sunday, June 20, 2010

shortwave logs 20/06/10

3940-6.15 laser hot hits gary drew playing cherelle ft. alexander o' neil good signal sinpo 44344

6220-6.25 playback international with id jingle and playing heart fair signal with some fading and noise sinpo 43223

5820-7.12 orion radio playing queen,neil diamond and roger Whitaker. fair signal sinpo 43233

6310-7.27 radio altrex playing belinda carlise and alphville weak signal with some noise sinpo 32122

6375-8.15 sonic radio with dutch music weak and noisy signal sinpo 22122

6140-9.02 emr tom taylor playing scott mckenzie good signal, also some fading sinpo 44334

6400-11.40 unid with a relay of laser 558 playing gary plukket and the hollies fair to good signal sinpo 44433

6425-12.15 radio alice giving out contact details and playing dutch music fair signal ,but noise level is high sinpo 43233

4101-19.18 wnkr relaying zender postoffice having trouble with his computer but gets it sorted out, playing a nice mix of music fair signal sinpo 43233

6260-20.33 cupid radio greeting listerners and playing  rock music. said he was testing new antenna fair signal sinpo 43333

6400-20.42 unid relaying laser 558 playing musical youth and donna summer, also dire straits good signal sinpo 43444

5815-20.52 radio telestar south playing nazarath good signal sinpo 44344

3900-21.08 radio underground reading out text message about radio telestar south been on tonight also playing dance music fair signal with some fading sinpo 43323

6941-21.25 central radio playing james "sit down" weak signal , but had improved to fair a few minutes later sinpo 33233

3940-21.35 laser hot hits playing bread good signal sinpo 43444

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