Pirates For Peace

Sunday, November 1, 2015

4026-7.00 Laser Hot Hits Ian Lawrence With Music From Nik Kershaw" wouldn't it be good" Sinpo 44344

6205-7.30 Radio King Shortwave Rock Music Sinpo 33333

6295-7.43 Radio Freedom Music From Eurymitics" love is a stranger" Sinpo 33233

6305-8.33 Radio Zomerzon Music From Cyndi Lauder"time after time" And Sniff N" Tears" driver car" Sinpo 33333

6285-8.45 Misti Radio Ac/Dc Music Sinpo 32333

6399-9.09 Radio GSV Instrumental Music Including Simon Park Orchestra" eye level". Some Ssb Qrm Sinpo 33233

7700-9.20 FRS Holland Peter With Music From Tame Impala" let it happen" And Reception Reports Sinpo 54444. Nothing Here On 9330

6399-9.35 Radio GSV Rock / Blues Music. No Ssb Qrm Now Sinpo 33333

9485-9.45 MV Baltic Radio Rock Music And Oldies Sinpo 54444

6305-10.02 Radio Altrex Just Barely Here Some Music Sinpo 32222

6255-10.12 Radio Pandora Oldies Including Fox" ss single bed" And Phil Lynett" dear Miss lonely heart. Also Reading Reception Reports Sinpo 43333

6285-10.28 Radio Montferland Music From Dr Hook And James Taylor. Sinpo 44444

7700-11.35 FRS Holland Dave Scott With Music From Millinum And John Hackett. Reading Reception Reports Sinpo 54444

6285-15.53 Radio Northern Ireland Via Radio Python. Music From Midnight Oil And Def Leopard. Sinpo 43444

7700-12.32 FRS Holland Paul Graham With Music From The Belle Stars, ABC And Foreigner. Sinpo 54444

6400-16.05 Laser Hot Hits Via Radio Blackbeard Ian Lawrence Playing Pop Music Including Wings" live and let die". Sinpo 54444

6325-16.15 Radio Caroline International Playing Dance Music. Sinpo 33333

6245-16.23 Radio Ac/Dc Music From Ac/ Dc" highway to hell" And Dutch Music Sinpo 43443

6205-16.35 Radio Face Blatte Music From Warren Zeavon" Werewolves of London" And Michael Jackson" thriller" Sinpo 33333

5800-16.35 Radio Joey Dance And Rock Music Including Billy Idol And Scooter. Excellent Signal Sinpo 54444

6337-16.57 Radio GSV Music From Ultravox, Tubeway Army And The Stranglers. I'd's And Greetings Sinpo 43333

6320-18.50 Little Feet Radio Music From Wang Chung, Kim Carnes And Alphaville Sinpo 44344

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

great that you had been able to copy our signal again there!!!
Power still is 45watts.

Radio Caroline International.