Pirates For Peace

Sunday, November 8, 2015

4026-7.45 Laser Hot Hits Mike Andrews With Music From The Everly Brothers, The Four Tops And Ray Stevens. Sinpo 43444

6205-7.55 Radio King Shortwave Oldies Including ABC. Sinpo 33322

6195-8.25 Mike Radio Music From The Cutting Crew And Marrilon Sinpo 54444. Moved To 6200 At 8.45 Signal Still Strong.

6235-9.20 Radio Casanova Instrumental, Polka And Dutch Music Sinpo 54444

6290-9.45 Radio 42 Oldies Including CCR And The Eagles" one of those nights". Some Fair Peaks Sinpo 33333

6245-9.55 Radio Quadzilla. Music Just About Heard Above Noise Level Sinpo 33222

6325-10.05 Radio Zwarte Panther Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

6400-10.15 Radio Carrierwave Music From Sam Fox, Billy Ocean And Human League. Sinpo 33333

6251-10.25 Unid Playing Instrumental Music Sinpo 32332

6305-10.35 Cupid Radio Pop Music Including Ellie Goulding Sinpo 54444

6260-14.22 Radio Telestar Music From Depeche Mode, Human League And Kim Wilde. Sinpo 44344

6320-14.45 Cosmic Radio Mix Of Instrumental, Pop And Rock Music. Slight Co-Channel Whistle Sinpo 33333

5800-15.10 Radio Joey Dance Music. Strong Signal Sinpo 54444

6210-15.37 Radio Telestar South Oldies And Chat Including Status Quo And Christie Sinpo 44344

6395-15.47 Radio Studio 52 Dutch Music Sinpo 43333

6265-15.57 Radio 42 Music From Focus" Sylvia". I'd Jingles And Closed Down Sinpo 34333

6385-16.01 Long Qso Round Including Radio Rob Sinpo 33333, Radio Baken 16 Sinpo 43333 And Radio Do Kat Sinpo 54444

6267-17.30 Unid Music From Foreigner And The Police Sinpo 44344


cupid radio said...

Thx for the log paul

Irish Paul said...

Hi Cupid,
You're welcome