Pirates For Peace

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Sw/Mw Logs

 6130-16.05 Radio Jong Europe. Al Stewart, Hazel Dean, Black Box Sinpo 54444

6205-16.30 Laser Hot Hits. Zirrun, Ben Hernsley, Supershy & Tom Misch Sinpo 54444

6005-16.46 Radio Blackstone, The Three Degrees, Eric Clapton, Jefferson Airplane, Icehouse Sinpo 34433

6295-17.12 Radio Joey. Mind X, Jones And Stephenson, Tandu Sinpo 54444

6005-17.23 Radio Blackstone. La Belle Epoque, Hello Sequence,  Four Tops Sinpo 44444

6266-17.34 Unid. The Seekers. Abba Sinpo 54444

6935-17.55 Radio Pandora. Genesis, Esther Phillips, Id Jingle, 5000 Volts Sinpo 44433

6280-18.05 Radio Anthony. Santo & Johnny, Kruzzo, The Dutch Boys Sinpo 44433

5835-18.38 Radio Europe. Music From Kino Sinpo 34333

6935-19.02 Radio Pandora. The Chordettes" born to be with you", Mick Jagger" let's walk", Chat Sinpo 44433

6205-19.13 Laser Hot Hits. Robert Miles, Rage, Keees Sinpo 54444

6295-19.23 Radio Joey. Milk Inc, Rui Da Silva Sinpo 54444

1638-19.37 Radio Bluebird. Dutch/ Polka Music Including The Blue Diamonds Sinpo 44444

6070-20.00 Bogusman. A G Acoustics, Spearmint, The Departure, Nine Ince Nails Sinpo 54444

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