Pirates For Peace

Monday, September 26, 2022

Sw/Mw Logs

1647-18.50 Radio Oldtimer. Dutch/ Polka Music Including Ede Staal Sinpo 44444

3920-19.07 Mike Radio. De Four Tak, Off, Heard Briefly On 3905 Sinpo 54444

6130-19.10 Radio Jong Europe. Tiėsto, Alex De Guiruin, Les Humphries Singers Sinpo 54444

1611-19.22 Radio Al Capone. Manfred Mann( 2 songs), White Plians Sinpo 33333

5015-19.32 Sluwe Vos Radio. Ivan, I'd Jingle, Okeanelzy, Scotch Sinpo 54444

1636-19.42  Unid. The Beautiful South, Earth Wind And Fire, Foreigner Sinpo 54444

3900-19.52 Radio Batavia. Motors, Max Glesinger, The Soulful Dynamics, I'd Jingle Sinpo 44433

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